Friday, April 01, 2011

Welcoming the Sun

Mother nature offered,
and we wholeheartedly said "Yes!".

With Cousins, even, later.

"Smoke Sticks"

Metal Detector

Mama, too.

First they hid 'em.



  1. Love this post! Please send some of your warm sun and beautiful green grass our way! Mother Nature is playing an April Fools Joke on us and we now have snow covering everything again! Hopefully the spring weather is just around the corner for us!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, just one question how did you choose yesterday to be Spring day? Is it a holiday that I don't know about or was it just the right day?

  3. So much spring fun. I love the easel painting.

  4. Shorts? They're wearing shorts????
    We have snow, Stephanie. No fooling. SNOW. Grrr.

    I am happy to see that Declan is not the only one with holes on the seat of his pants!

    I love your days :-)

  5. Echolage -
    We usually celebrate on the first day of Spring, but it was dark and rainy/snowy like so many other dark and rainy/snowy days, and I just couldn't do it. :) (Not to mention we always have a fire and an egg hunt.)
    So we kept watch on the forecast, for when it would work with a day off for Eric.

  6. Looks like you are ready for Easter!

  7. Holy cow, shorts and sun and flowers half way out of the ground? We must live VERY far from you:) Lovely pictures, and so much fun.

  8. What a gorgeous day! We had snow all day. ;)

  9. when Mother Nature gives it's sort of a done deal, innit? you just can't say no. looks like awesome rompin'!

  10. Looks beautiful, sunny, and warm! I'm enjoying all of this through you. Still waiting for the thaw on our end of the world...slowly but surely. And until then, there's always your posts to be me by. :)


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