Thursday, April 14, 2011


After warming up leftovers, walking around making a lot of woooooee! noises for a while, and her daily dose of Peep and The Big Wide World, Madd started with her Jumpstart World (first grade) game. The last couple of days she's been on this one. We love Jumpstart World.

Mama got on that cleaning thing, and moved her laptop to the patio. :)

I love mornings.

Maddie and I admired her gourd seedlings,

and found an emerging Morning Glory. Her garden is on its way!

Watchin' the honey bees. They're pockets are so stuffed it's amazing they can still fly!


do you think the school kids would call me a dork for playing Croquet with my mom?"
"Well..." thinking. "Here's the thing. Number one... you don't have to worry about school kids. Right? Number two.... you can't please everyone. What are you going to do, take polls every day of your life, and say, 'What do you think I should do?' Everyone has to live according to his or her own happiness."
"You're right. That makes sense."
"Go again."
"Go again."
"Go again."
He does. "Thank you for your many pardons." says Little Son as he catches up closer on the field to me.
Ha! and giggle. "You're welcome!"
He sees me writing... "Are you posting this to other Unschoolers, who worry about the same stuff?"

"I'm just writing. About our daily stuff." Are you surprised that this is the sort of thing that I find the most valuable?

rope swings
and tree swings...

It's a fine, fine life.


  1. What could be better than a day with lawn mowing and checkers and croquet...?

  2. LOVE this post. It's all the simple things ...

  3. Ooh, seedlings! I'm leaving our gardens to be started after we get back from our roadtrip to Florida, because I don't trust the Matt to baby them along as well as we would. Instead, he gets to till the community garden space, and mulch the pathways according to my diagram drawn on gridded paper--mwa-ha-ha!!!

  4. These little things mean the most! Enjoy!

  5. Do you like your reel mower? We've been contemplating getting one.

  6. Love, love, love it. I don't think we'll have any other kind ever again. :)
    Eric loves it because he says "It's the only mower that you can mow with one had and hold a beer in the other." :)
    (and of course the kids like to mow.)

  7. Another beautiful day! Mine just seem to be getting busier and busier. Not sure whats going on there. Could be that I just have so much I want to do and not enough hours in the day! (literally, daylight savings ended and winter coming, the days are very short). :-)

  8. Well, I think you just sold me on one! Thank you for your opinion, I personally don't know anyone who has one, so you've helped me a lot.

  9. enough grass to mow! perfect!

  10. YAY for sprouts! And for games with mama! and for cute dogs! and kids!


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