Thursday, April 07, 2011


Tuesday afternoon all of Grammie's babies were invited to a sleep-over.

I wasn't certain that Trev would want to stay all night, and he didn't, but Maddie got to wake up Wednesday morning in a puppy pile of Cousins.

I had the thought Well, since you're already here....

So we did. We kept them for another day.

First to Classic! Also known as Kid Paradise.

Skating under disco balls, dime arcade, abundant Bouncies, scooting...

A wonderful time was had, naturally.

We weren't quite done, so we finished with supper Out -having a Chef in the family has some pretty handy fringe benefits-

and then dragged our tired (but so happy) selves to the dollar theater to visit Rapunzel and Eugene in Tangled.

We came home to two souls (daddy and an Annabelle) that had missed us greatly.

It's a good life.

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  1. Catching up on posts from A MONTH ago. I won't comment on all of them (because you don't need 20-some-odd new comments)...but this one made me wish we lived SO much closer. xo


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