Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wednesday : city streets

i had the idea yesterday that we should wander our city's streets. it's been a while since we've searched out gargoyles and grotesques, and we do have Stanley to show around a bit, after all.
when we got up this morning, the sun was shining, and the children thought it seemed like a good day to gallivant.

so we drove to our western most point, and parked our truck for the day.
off we went!

beginning at the Rio Grande Train Station...


we had an idea that there might be a secret platform, somewhere in here...

hop on a train for a block (it's in the 'free zone', and the city train is always a special treat to the children)...

to lunch!
at a little local diner...

walk and wander...

window washer way up in the sky--good stuff.

on a train to the library!

and to the City County Building...

on a train back towards city center...

walking and wandering...

into Daddy's work for a lemonade...

to the Planetarium!


(and stopping for a quick something to eat...)

back to our truck near the train station
(through the shelters and soup kitchens area)


...the Cathedral d' Madeleine

and the First Presbyterian Church

and finally to the governor's mansion.

and now after a loooong day Out,
we're home.

playing on the computer.
laughing with Daddy.

and thinkin' all is well.
goodnight, then.


  1. That is a really neat idea. We have done that in the past, but only down one main street. Might have to make a trip through the campus (where the bus is free).

    Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Oh I am love, love, loving all your buildings!!! My kids and I are doing a sketchbook series on Cape Architecture together at the moment and it is such fun exploring our city with a purpose!!!

  3. What beautiful buildings you get to enjoy and all that bright green grass and sunshine sets them off so well!!

  4. That is fun! When we lived in a city I think we took a lot for that we live in a tiny-town it's so much fun to 'visit' a big city...

  5. Beautiful city, beautiful day!

  6. what a fun filled day in the city! Amazing shots too!

  7. I miss big city livin' sometimes. Sometimes more than other times. Gorgeous day and lots of explorin' fun!

  8. It's been a while since we walked through the city.
    Lovely pictures. It sounds like it was a long, but fun day.

  9. What a beautiful city! And the library looks amazing. A trip through our town means walking a couple of blocks to the river. Sometimes I forget that we are only 15 minutes away from a larger city, and you've reminded me of what a joy that is. Now we have to go visit!

  10. Catching up! Love the city tour - you have some beautiful buildings. Love the trees in the library and the fab planetarium.
    I'm going to have to do a city tour too :D


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