Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tuesday's sigh

oh, yes.

drawing and cutting

transforming stuffed animal Friends into transportation for the Others

parachuting (with plastic bags)

helping with the dishes in the kitchen

playing checkers with icing tips in a cupcake pan

Harry P. in bed with Trevy

Godzilla wiiheeheee and Land Before Time

we filled the hummingbird feeder. just in case.


Bill Nye's Magnetism on the kitchen table
--with magnets, of course.

-while chocolate chip cookies were happening.

Tall Tales & Legends : Ponce de Leon,
and then more here.

research. (owls.)

future cherries

Big Brain Academy.

dinosaur rasslin'.
(which is very fine play with authentic noises and natural, authentic defenses--
claws, sails, puny arms, and all.)
Allosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus
Velociraptor vs. Triceratops
T Rex vs. Spinosaurus
Stegosaurus vs. Allosaurus.
Ceratosaurus vs. Stegosaurus....

we watched Linnea in Monet's Garden (Netflix, friends)
while working with oil pastels

(which was every bit as lovely as it sounds.)

capturing birds in the backyard.
because all three of us are awed and inspired by Birds.
And gardens and Monet, presently.Italic
Maddie's photo

Rumis, times two.
(Trev took one, Mama the other.)

Playmobil castle play.



swinging on the tree swing.

* * *

all filled up.

and so, so good.

and I think I'll link up here.


  1. Busy busy day! The metal filings are really cool. Are they in the magnet kit too? We have several magnet project kits, but that wooly metal looks cool!!! :) And the cookies? Yum!

  2. No, we just have a big tray full of all kinds of different magnets and metal pieces.
    And filings! I love to play with them. :)

  3. We're into birds right now too. We've been watching Life of Birds from Netflix - very good.

  4. Look how beautifully she holds that knife! We had a little girl in playgroup who used to chop with her little butter knife at morning tea and I asked her mum if she was a chef - and she looked surprised but you can always tell if someone in the family knows their way around proper utensil use lol

  5. wow! what a day!!! & OH!MY!GAWWWSH! those cookies look too good to be true!! hope you enjoyed them:)

  6. Rumis.... must check that out.

    The tulip and cherry blossoms pics have me all a flutter. I keep checking the daffodils next door every day to see if they are ready to show their lovliness yet ;)

  7. The magnet metal fillings are so cool!! And I love the pic with the the laptop, the oil pastels, the cookies in the background, and the kids, it says it all!

  8. I just love reading about your days.

    We already have hummingbirds in Alabama..just a few. Hope yours arrive soon.

  9. No spring here yet...just a few geese and ducks...but we'll be hearing the frogs soon too...

  10. Isaac is totally interested in magnetism these days. The filings looks sooo cool. A gorgeous day...as always. xo

  11. Thanks for the AK link, we'll have fun with that.

    We're going through a magnets phases here too - strange... but good!

    Still waiting for spring and warm, but a few flashes of green are spied here and there...

    I wish my youngest and your youngest could hang out - we probably wouldn't see them for days! lol

  12. Academic Kids--never heard of it? So glad I followed your link.

    Oh dinosaurs...we love dinosaurs. I just added the Discovery Dinosaurs page to Benjamin's "website."


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