Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday was...

Maddie started with computer games... Arthur and Wild Kratts, mostly.

We all three read our library book Does It Really Take Seven Years to Digest Gum? And Other Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask.

Trev brought owl pellets up from downstairs to dissect. Thanks to my friend Sarah for our latest pellets!

We watched Bill Nye's Birds while were were investigating those.
' Bones are now happily displayed on our nature table. :)

That led to creature creations...


and then a couple of different kinds of clay.

That led to creating cities and scenes of destruction.

And more happy, chaotic creations.

An early supper!
And Gril Scouts.

Totally Tut for Trevy and I...
and another. Two more rounds, Mom!

Which I have to say was exceptionally cool... Twice Trevelyn astounded me with his math skills. You may not think it's a particularly challenging game, but when you have a 5, 4, 28, 15, and 23, and are required to make a combination of two, three, and four numbers to equal 10 (using freely a -, +, x, or divide.... you realize it's pretty taxing on your brain to find just such combinations! I was thrilled that little son left me agape with this one. Twice!

'Cause it's been a while.
And 'cause we all love it.

Apples to Apples! (Jr) Maddie chose.
"Can't we play regular Apples to Apples?" asked Little Son.
"Wull," said Mama, "the thing is.... it's hard. There will be tons of things that you guys don't know about. People and situations you've never heard of."
"But Mom!" he says, "I want the real game! I don't want the kid version! I want to stroke my chin and think about things and philosophize and to have to research! I want a challenge!"
Oh. Blink. Well - ain't none of us who are gonna argue against that, now are there?
Regular Apples to Apples it is. With Dad, even.

Which turned out to be not only a marathon game of two hours (with mucho hilarity), but that held even more astounding things... like Little Son knowing about the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, Trev's unbelievable debate skills,

his wit in wanting to chuck his sister on the table in lieu of a card for the word "crazed" (she was in rare form, just then)... there were like seven times that his dad and I were just left sitting there either grinnin' like fools or shakin' our heads at our turrible twitterpated-ness.

"How did he know that??" I asked more than once, grinning.

Our beloved geoboard. Find it here!

Soon after we each headed our own way... the babes together, of course. In sympatico.

Now we're waiting on some chocolate chip cookies, and I think I still have a date with two and the wii downstairs...

No complaints from me, my friends.
It's a fine, fine life. There's no doubt about that.


  1. how I LOVE totally tut! I think it is really hard, and my kids always come up with some crazy math sentence that is accurate! We have not delved into the multiplication and division portion yet...I'm sure they will do far better than I will! :)

  2. I love it, too. It is hard! A great Think game.

  3. I love your posts! Here I descovered few games,like geoboard and tangram that I didn't know about,so tnx for sharing!


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