Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesday on a sigh

There are so many different kinds of perfect days, aren't there?
There are the ones when all you can do is just sigh, and sigh....
there are the ones where your babes amaze and fill you with so much gratitude and joy...
then there's the kind that are so sweetly peaceful and soft as a cloud...
and sometimes you get a really wonderful balance of all of these particular things.

I was outside this morning as soon as it was light. it wasn't sunny, but it was a really delicious kind of warm (almost fifty) and there was the slightest almost drizzle... it was more a peaceful thing than hindrance... how lovely that it could be damp and almost raining and still have warm feet and hands!
So I finished trimming the raspberries and roses, and cleaned my two patios.
Tidy yards... gardens ready with Springtime.... welcoming patios...

"Wanna go get a doughnut and chocolate milk for breakfast, Madd?" You know. Sittin' in the bakery. Talkin' about life over muffins and such.
Turns out we headed out later than the breakfast hour (we'll save that one for 'one day soon', then), so we decided upon lunch, instead.
"Mom, do we have any extra money today?" asked Trev.
"A little bit, why?"
"Well... I'd like to get the gamecube Godzilla game from Amazon."
"Why don't we see if GameStop has a used one?"
"That's what I was gonna say!"
"Why don't you look up GameStop online, and see?"
Then, "They do! For six bucks!"
"Well, why don't you look up the number for the one in Sugarhouse (our neighborhood), and see if they have one?"
So he did. By himself. Looked it up in the phone book. Found it. Called them.
"They do!"

So that was put upon our lunch/errands list.

So soon we were headed to the store, to get Mama an extension cord for her laptop.... it's patio season, you know.

Lunch. Outside.
~sigh again~

The Bookstore.
It just so happened that Barnes & Noble was having their semi-annual 25% off for educators sale. :) (You have an Educator's Card by the way, right? Easy to get, and always 20% off books -sans texts.)
Nine books for $51.00.
Wanna know?
How To Train Your Dragon (Book 1)
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Guardians of Ga'Hoole : The Capture (which is Book 1)
Tales of the Greek Heroes
Funky Things to Draw
Eyes on Nature : Dangerous Creatures.

Funny thing - Madd had picked up her cupcake set, "Trev, don't you want to find something?"
"No, since they don't have the one I wanted, I'm not interested."
"Are you sure, Bud? Why don't you come over to this section, and look at some things. You don't have anything to read right now (any novels he'd want to read by himself), just come and take a look and see if anything appeals to you."
Then, "Hey... how about this one?" I held up Chamber of Secrets.
"Yeah. That will do. Hey!" He says, "Look at this! This looks cool." (Was Tales of the Greek Heroes.)
"Oooh, yeah... that does look cool. Hey... How To Train Your Dragon."
"Yeah! Oh, and Look - It's Guardians of Ga'Hoole!"
"Hey, Bud... here's Doctor Dolittle..." (He loves Doctor Dolittle.)
And so we were off. :)

We came home, only to find that the wiiheeheee remotes didn't work with the gamecube game. (Oh, yeah. Silly us.)
So we looked up what we needed, and checked BestBuy online to see if they could help us. It said they had a remote console at our local store, so were were off again.
We found one, and Maddie picked up JumpStart for the wii, and on the way home we picked up another two sets of rechargeable batteries at the battery store. (One set for the controller, one set for Mama's camera.)

Home again, home again
...talkin' about the Cupcake Factory (which is the name of Maddie's bakery... I'm to post here soon that "we'll be open on Sunday's and Wednesdays.... so people won't show up on the wrong day..."

And now here we are.

Drawing puppies.
Writing on the patio.
Playing games.
Listening to the tinkling wind chimes.
And the chattering birds.
Waiting for Daddy.

All is well.


  1. That does sound like a perfect "sigh" kind of a day. Layla has been pretending that our kitchen is a "dickery" (bakery) and is in full on baking mode!

  2. Your patio is lovely. And how sweet that your son did all the calling to GameStop. We know that store well!

  3. how DO you get an Educator's card? we have similar deals here in the Great White North but i've never tried to wangle myself one...

    LOVE the Guardians here...and bookstores....oh, yes, bookstores! JOY! and drawing on patios --- and tinkling windchimes....



  4. I don't know what we would do without Gamestop!

    Sounds like a lovely day :)

  5. Mel -
    Just take in something that says you're a home educator - lesson plans, your paper from the state... I use a little card I have from being a member of Salt Lake HOme Educators. They give you a form to fill out (it's just your name and address, and a checkbox for what kind of educator) then they give you a card that's good for two years. Now you can use it at the B&N online store, too.
    20% off books all the time. Well, educational ones, but for us ALL books are educational, right? :)

  6. I long to get my girls outside more. Spring is slow to come here in CT.......I am living vicariously through you!

  7. Sigh. Lovely. Thank you for the words of this day, and the ones before, and the ones to come!

    I blinked and missed some posts…just read them all…read your thoughts on life, freedom, the children…and they just thunked into me, words finding resonance, as always.

    I don't quite know how to explain the singing that happens when I read what you write. Like everything all around is saying, YES. And life, the life we've chosen to live as a family, feels just right.

    And then I read the words of others, commenting here, and we're all nodding, and the connection gets deeper, to you and to the others gathered here. We're like tendrils intertwined. Thank you, so much, for this quiet, good gift, Stephanie. Thank you for the connections, for the sweet resonance!

  8. what a pleasant day. I love when we are busy running errands and yet it is still lovely and fun.

  9. We too have been slowly getting our outside ready. I find that I get distracted by the "wild life" that we have here in our neighbor hood. Today it was a squirrel chomping away on an acorn. Couldn't really focus on anything else so I just sat in the front yard watching the squirrel or Emma. The greatest show I have seen in a while :)

  10. Another lovely day! Tidy yards? I don't think mine ever gets that way, lol, much to my husbands horror my wild herbs keep taking over. I am so loving the pure concentration on that gorgeous childs face. I am so so clucky right now. My baby is 12!!!!! How did that happen? Lucky for my man, 4 of my friends are still making babies for me to love. Otherwise he might have a few more to feed. LOL

  11. Oh how lovely. Always so lovely, thank you:)


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