Thursday, April 21, 2011


at our local historic park, they were having 'Baby Animal Days' today.

course these two were all over that.

Yup... sometimes he still wants a ponyride. :)

the Blacksmith

gasp! there's Stanley!

panning for gold

in the weaver's home

after traveling back in time,
we traveled all over the world... Cuba, Russia, New Zealand, and Mexico... chasing clues laid by Carmen Sandiego.
some time later... Mission Two... Complete!
(we learned some super cool things about the Maori and the Aztecs.)
(and that the Colloseum held 50,000 people--which is what modern-day baseball stadiums hold. dude.)

there might have been a little Star Wars play thrown in there somewhere.

but you don't know anything about that sort of thing, do you?

now we're settling in with pizza and a movie...
the original Parent Trap
and eventually, Pippi.

it's a good life.


  1. That place looks amazing. I would have been quite tempted to bring that first little guy home in my bag. So so sweet!

    We love both those movies. Have fun :-)

  2. What sweet babes - the animal kind...and yours...

  3. Looks like a fun day. The baby animals are so cute - as well as your kids!

  4. That is a very special place you went! I agree, that lamb is so precious!

  5. I love the pictures! And baby animals. What a fun sort of day. I love that guy at the anvil, so perfect.

  6. What a wonderful day! That lamb is adorable.

  7. I love seeing the photos from there. Such a cool place!

  8. Oh, look at the baby animals! Looks like your two had lots of fun with them! xoxo


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