Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday was the last day of the season for Eric's season pass.
They woke to fresh snow and cold temperatures, and after Mama went to the store to load them up with a bag full of sustenance, and Daddy gathered mittens and cocoa and tucked in toes, they were off.

The children became skiers this year. They only went twice, due to unusual circumstances, but they went from frustrated and "I guess I'll go..." to "Wow! I'm amazing!"
The first time out this year Trevelyn started going up the lift by himself... climbing on and off... getting down the mountain without crashing and needing someone to pick up his pieces.
Yesterday Maddie skied down the mountain several times without falling once.
"Hi Mom!" said Trev when they got home. "I missed you so much!"
"Mmmm, thank you Buddy, I missed you so much, too! Did you have fun? You look really happy!"
"It was awesome. I got my first powder shot today!"
"You did!?! Alright!"
Evidently he had left the trail today, and went off into the trees for some fresh snow.
Maddie skied awesome. Trev was an independent skier. They got to see the mountain goats on the way back down the mountain.
They're confident, and able, and happy.
I'm so happy for them! (And for Eric, who has two children that love to ski.)

Now we'll just look forward to seeing what amazing things unfold on the mountain next year.


  1. Happy for your kiddos that they are enjoying the fresh snow and have a wonderful activity to share with their Papa!!

  2. This post just made me smile. How wonderful! For them and for your husband. :)

  3. What fun! we used to ski when we lived in the mountains and I have lots of pics of Scout skiing...but then we moved to the great plains and haven't been skiing for 5 years YIKES! Need to remedy that...and it's snowing here today...we should at least get some Cross Country skis I think...

  4. How fun! So glad their enjoying it:) I secretly wish the boys would become interested in trying out skiing or snowboarding so I can go again (it's been almost 15 years for me).

  5. Love those moments where the growth seems big and tangible, rather than subtle.

    Happy for them and all of you!

  6. That's wonderful, Stephanie! And how great they have something so special to share with their dad.

    My kids have only seen snow once in their lives, and have never skiied. Such a different world! I really want to take them to the snow this year. It's not so far. I would love my kids to have some of what your kids get to experience every winter.

    And I hope you had a beautiful day too—off the slopes and in your own space!

  7. The last time I was on a ski hill (highschool) I was kicked off for my very bad form. :) While I'd love to get Isaac into skiing...I'm not sure I'm the one to do it. HA!

    So happy for Trev and Maddie and Eric. What a beautiful thing to be able to share. xoxo

  8. Living in the desert, this post just makes me smile :)

    What is a powder shot (so says the snow neophyte).


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