Friday, April 08, 2011


today held quite a few wonderful things...

like Together.

and like tiniest green sprouts.

really big things...

like thunder.

and a visit to the pet store.

blissful things...

like a quiet house for Mama for an hour or so
(while others were visiting ferrets and guinea pigs)

and clean and fresh bedrooms.

And, lastly, quiet things...

like a snuggled in movie

and snow.

All is well.


  1. I love the peace of this, Stephanie. Such a sense of stillness and of good.

    I love thunder, which, while it isn't peaceful at all, is so very awesome! You are held quite still by it, aren't you, until the storm passes. And everything is so clean and clear afterwards. Like the world's had a wash. Yum.

    I love snuggled in movies too. Hmmm… I suppose I could just write everything you've just written, but with the words "I love" beforehand. But I think I should probably stop here and just say, Yes! :)


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