Monday, April 18, 2011


Madeleine began her Sunday with Jungle Book.

Trevy and I began his with Harry's second story.

'Course, after that, Trev had to look up owl videos. :)

Maddie draws, did you know?

(the top one she drew, the bottom is what she drew.)

We cut up Trev's seed potatoes, getting them ready for planting in a couple of days.

Volleyball. :)

Shark videos!

(with Madd)

and JumpStart World (first grade). (She's totally eating this one up, right now.)

Hex with Trevy.

And Mancala.

An' then baseball.

Blood 'n guts.

(Prehistory style.)

' Taught the children hacky. :)

Dude. (Really, there was no chance that these children would grow up and not know what to do with a skate or a hacky.)

Computer play.
(blog.... JS 1st Grade.... wii Godzilla.)

Baseball. Again.



An' a movie. Time Bandits. Which was kind of strange, but it was very cool to hear Trev say "That's Napoleon, Mom. Dictator." and, "Oooh, Robin Hood!" and "Hmm, Ancient Greece, but I"m not sure who this is. It's not Hercules... or Perseus... it's not Spartacus..." (Was King Agamemnon.) And "This must be the Titanic...".

I do love this life with these three friends of mine.
All is well.


  1. Wow that is an incredible painting of a dino Maddie completed!
    We need to get a crochet set!

  2. Mad's drawing is amazing!

    Just this weekend I was thinking the kids have never hack sacked. Its on the list.

    As always, I love the pictures you capture of your lives.

  3. Maddie has some talent for sure... I love that drawing... I forget how I found your blog a couple weeks ago, but I like it... Hello :)

  4. Hacky sack. Now there is something I haven't done with the kids. Thanks for the reminder!!

  5. Sweet life every way you look at it! :) Love.

  6. FUN! we'll get out the croquet soon as the snow's can play croquet in the snow right?...

  7. It's a Grand and Perfect and Beautiful and Sweet Life. xoxo


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