Thursday, April 07, 2011

the spring garden

As much as I really wasn't convinced there was abundant life just under the surface a month ago,


it looks like Spring has, indeed, come to our gardens.


One of my lilacs shall bloom for the first time this year.

Yesterday the children and I saw the first butterfly.

hopefully we'll have our first peaches this summer

As soon as you walk outside the back door, the Mirabelle (Plum) blossoms take over your senses-- the wave of sweetness first, then your eyes are drawn to the glorious white blossoms, and then finally you hear the buzzing bees.

The herb garden has been raked and inspected, the medicine garden has been cleaned and trimmed and loved.


~She's gracious - and never petulant - even when we're the most scowling and doubtful.

So I've smiled sheepily back at Spring, and have planted the seeds.

Currently I'm most excited about our fenced garden - where we put things that need to be kept safe from dogs and children running wild.

It was tended to specially this year, thanks to our dear friends who lent us their tiller.

So we've dug up the perennials,


shoveled an entire mountain of compost,

and turned the earth again.

The earth feels light and rich - more than ready to sustain a great amount of life.

Now I have stepping stones beautifully arrayed with lettuces and celery (thanks go again to Julie and Lee for those!), among the chard and strawberries,

chives and lavender, spinach and beets.

It's a wonderful tumble bumble of early spring goodliness, certainly.

It looks so beautiful, these stones and all the lovely little plants dancing around them.

And now...

now the skies are dark, again, and we're promised snow and rainstorms every day for the forseeable future--it will be cold, and dark, and gray.

Brunnera again - because I love it so.

But I am hopeful, and so eagerly looking forward to discovering the wonders that will surely be found on the other side.


  1. Looking good! Reminds me, I need to go trim the dead raspberry canes, yours look wonderful!

  2. what a great garden!!!enjoy the coming spring, however tempestuous it may be ;)


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