Sunday, April 03, 2011

the soul of sunday : gratitude


i am grateful.

grateful for a pause...

grateful that there is no hurry.

grateful that i was able to stop
-just for a moment-

and realize

that there is time....


there is time, still, for inside work

and play

and outside play

and work.

respite and peace found in a pause.
all is well, then.
* * * * *

what's yours?


  1. oh shoot! I am too late for the soul of sunday...which I love! I will just have to stroll through everyone else's sunday moments! xo

  2. beautiful! we had snow friday and supposedly again today. it is nice, although i know a lot of people are screaming about it. i just don't know if i have the energy to be outside all day every single day yet! ;)

  3. Denise - exactly. :)
    Double the living space also means double the work and Things That Must Be Done! oof. :)

  4. ooo...I was too late to put in my link above, but here it is anyway. My soul of sunday is 'Building Bridges'

  5. Beautiful photos...I'm sitting here today (sick), browsing my friends' blogs and I'm so glad to be caught up on you & your amazing family--I see springtime is treating everyone just fine (snow or no snow)!


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