Saturday, April 16, 2011


Here Comes Science is how Maddie started her day.

the babes played outside with their papa.

they read.

one of 'em played JumpStart.

bug catchin'.

volleyball. (yup. they love it.)

and baseball! (we love that one, too.)

more JumpStart,
and Godzilla for the other one.

two bunnies digging in the garden.

one of them whistles.

cupcake factory talk.
Mama says, "mmmm, lemon drop!" and the one in pony-tails says "oooh, stuffed chocolate!"
she's decided to deliver her cupcakes. "so we don't have to invite strangers over."
"oooooh, good idea!" works or me.

more baseball.


in the garden.
'cause her Mama wouldna conset to her digging more holes in the backyard. (really--there are enough.)

"How can I love you better?"
"You can't! You love me more than enough," says Little Son.
"No... how can I love you better?"

climb up to the sky.

the first peach blossomAlign Left

watercolor. wet on wet, actually.

do your paint projects always evolve?
"I'd like to do it without it being wet, now." says Madd. the painting and artistic expert.
"I need details..." said Little Son.

Mama got out her special watercolor pencils.
"Mom.... can I paint with these?" asks Maddie. tempera.
"Of course!"
does it always go like that at your house, too?

after a moment of tears and breakdown, and "it's too tall! it doesn't even look like a cat!"
and "it absolutely does! Calicos and Siamese are tall and slim... but we can get out your new drawing book, if you like...."

oh, yeah. well! that solves everything.


rope swings are fine, fine things.

the breeze is so utterly still that I can see many tiny fine and mysterious things glowing against the evening sun.
i can hear every bird's tweet and song in the neighborhood.
there is a promise here, in this Still.
my bare feet are warm.
my face tingles just a little from the day's flashes of sunshine.
the grass glows its most magical green.'s like the whole wide world is sighing.

and I am, too.

"wanna have a movie tonight after dinner?" I ask.
"sure!" said Trev, playing the new JumpStart wii game.
"wanna have a movie tonight after dinner?" I asked Madd.
"sure!" she says, from playing JumpStart on her computer.

all is well
and right
and so, so fine.
goodnight, then.

* * *

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  1. Here Comes Science is appreciated around here. I love hearing 4 yo girl rendition of I am a Paleontologist :) and yup we can never do just one kind of painting, evolves definitely. I adore those the-whole-world-is-singing kind of days. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words and pictures as usual!

  2. It is so nice that Trevy and Maddie play so well together.

  3. We are big TMBG fans around here.

    I love the little brown kitty! Adorable!

  4. How can I love you better?"
    "You can't! You love me more than enough," says Little Son.
    "No... how can I love you better?"

    climb up to the sky.

    love this!


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