Saturday, April 02, 2011

saturday : into the sun

we pretty much spent the day running and dancing and spinning into the sun.

swinging on the rope swing,


bike-riding down the hill.

before lunchtime we were on our way to the skate park, the seven of us.

with decorated knapsacks full of lunch and easter egg loot from the hunt the day before.

riding and sliding and climbing.

racing and exploring and wading.

admiring and basking and relishing.

to home for some quiet play for a minute (when we arrived home in long-sleeved shirts they had sworn off sun and heat forever!) :)

and icecream cones...
which they promptly took outside to eat and laze with in the backyard.

soon they were up and running again...

chasing and digging and exploring and hunting,

inventing games,

drawing with chalk,

playing hopscotch,

and playing challenges with bubbles.

Maddie came to me and I hugged her and smelled her hair...
"You smell like sunshine," said I, absorbing that enchanting sunchild smell.
"Thanks!" said she. :)

and so it went.

sunshine magic, my friends.

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  1. What a glorious day!! I love that Maddie smelled of sunshine. I love breathing my kids in too :)

    So amazing to see bare feet in water, after being in your wintery world for so long! Over here, we're drifting into colder weather, discovering socks again, and jackets…but we'll make sure to keep looking for the sun, like you! I've loved all the light you've found this winter, Stephanie. Thank you :)


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