Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Sometimes they surprise you.
There you are, just bein' busy doin' your stuff... not asking any questions, not trying to spark anything, not strewing or even thinking about it at the moment-- and off they go.

Talking and lecturing about mythology. Researching interesting and new things. Researching cats. Lecturing you about sphinxes. (I didn't even know there was such a thing-- the only ones I know are in Giza.) Coming to you and saying, "Here, clip this side of my mask on for me, won't you?" When you had no idea anyone was making a mask in the first place. "Wait. How did you make this? Where did this idea come from?", you think.

Grammy came by to issue invitations for a sleepover. She in turn was invited to go to the garden store with us... we needed more strawberries.

On the way Grammy was given a lecture on Walt Disney's first creation that was stolen and credited to another man, and his subsequent creation of Micky Mouse.

We found our strawberries. Picked up some swiss chard, even though we have some seeds started.
Maddie chose her seeds,
and Trev picked up his seed potatoes.

We unexpectedly (but naturally) went to lunch after our garden store adventures.

And Mama was introduced to Line Rider... a "really fun game that's pretty hilarious...", and "I found it by doing searches for 'drawing games'".

At home we researched growing potatoes in the garden.

Setting them in warm and light for a week.

And played.

Maddie is specifically growing Gourds and Morning Glory vines,
Trev Red Potatoes, Yukon Golds and corn.

Toy Story 3 was found on Netflix.

Line Rider was played.
And wiiheeheeee.

Then there was Maddie, telling me she needed to find the pbs website in Spanish so she can learn the language better. And can I help?

The rope was swung upon,

the tree swing, too

and prehistoric scenes were created.

There was hot cocoa had with mountains of whipped cream

and plenty of chases and screeches...

among wanting to know how big chihuahua puppies are when they're born. And then her saying, "Hey, let's look it up."

I find it really wonderful that to the question "what did you do, today?" one can answer "nothing, really..."...
and mean; "nothing out of the ordinary."
"nothing fancy."
and "nothing much."

And while that it is true that it was nothing extraordinary,
and Being
in this magnificent life
could hardly be called "Nothing", could it?


  1. Beautiful! I am so encouraged by this post. We want to home/unschool our son, but OY! He's curious, but completely unmotivated to find answers. He wants everything YESTERDAY, won't touch a new thing unless he's 150% sure he'll get it perfectly the first time. And, frankly, he's just exhausting. My spouse & I have all but given up hope that we can be his guide. Thanks for the hopeful post!

  2. I just finished reading aloud the last chapter of "House at Pooh Corner" today before nap--the one in which Christopher Robin is growing up and has to stop doing "nothing," which is his favorite thing to do. Isn't it wonderful that our kids never have to stop?

  3. Ahhhh, lovely! I just looked up info on growing potatoes too! I have grown them for years and this year someone gave me some special ones so I figured I better investigate how OTHERS grow them, ha!

  4. Love that! I love that I don't really have to spark or strew anymore...my guys are just off and runnin' and I have to keep UP!!!!!! :)

  5. Days like these are so simply wonderful. Quick question, do you use a special internet
    browser for the kiddos?

  6. Awww, I miss those days! Feeling a bit nostalgic about the end of the U/S days for us, but I am encouraged that we still have these special moments (just so much less time for them to happen!).

  7. Ah. Beautiful, Stephanie. Your whole day spun out like gold for me. I love these kind of days! LOVE them.

  8. Owen loves the Line Rider game - very cool.

    Listening to kids share all the stuff they have discovered is so special. Happy planting with your garden - we've got a few weeks yet to wait here :)

  9. Some days reading your posts makes me want to spend a day peaking through your window.

  10. Simply lovely and can hardly be considered a day of "nothing."


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