Friday, April 22, 2011

friday's bliss, then.

"Happy Earth Day!"
"Happy Earth Day to you, to, Mommy. We should have a celebration!"
"We totally should."
"A day time celebration," she continues, "as well as a nighttime celebration!"
"Sounds good!"
"With music, and sunshine, and play outside..."
"Perfect. Let's do it." Then, "I was thinking about making paper today out of your scrap box... what do you think about that?"
and so it was begun.

an' there was making pretty earthly, springly things with pattern blocks.

Mama made another flat of Cosmos (Bright Lights by Seeds of Change)

and we admired our first tulip... Maddie asked if she could use my camera to make a surprise for me...

(both photos by Madeleine)

' read to Trevy from Harry P II.

we cut the grass, Maddie and me.

we made pretty glass.

the three of us played baseball.

an' soccer

with Annabelle.

paper making (step two and three)!


the babes got excited over the watermelon and cantaloupe seedlings.
and the mammoth sunflowers.

i'm just excited over all the green babies.
and all ' the other ones.






Daddy's home from skiing! so with him.

soccer. again.


volleyball. again.
Mama and Trevy.


(our sandpit -where we play volleyball and also our pitcher/batter space- is actually our pool space. there's something really satisfying about filling up this place with other superfun games and familytime 'til pool season. 'to everything, there is a season', right?)

and we're on to supper...
menu: wild salmon, roasted rosemary potatoes, herb salad, asparagus, and um... cheesecake. yeah.

in the meantime,
(which means while Daddy chefs it up and mama plays catch-up with the day)
we're all about the sand, and late evening (but cold--it's cold, today) sunshine, and planning for some book love and prehistory documentary magic.

it's a goodly life, you know?


  1. Maddie has a wonderful eye with the camera. It must be genetic. :) xoxo

  2. Happy, happy Earth Day. xoxo

  3. Those glass jars are beautiful. We may have to make some of those this summer :)

  4. Love the glass jars. What are you putting on them?

  5. One of the square ones is mine, and I'll put a spice or herb in it...
    we made them in the first place because Maddie's been wanting a cup for scissors and pencils (she always goes to my cup for scissors and pencils, then mine go the same way -lost- that hers do), and she made a square spice one for her Grammie. I'm not sure what she's planning to do with the other one!

  6. Stopping by from the blog party! You have an amazing blog. I am so excited to delve into it. I see lots of inspiration here! Glad to have found you!

  7. I love all the fun things you do all day. My daughter and I would probably only manage to make it a few hours with you guys. We tend to do a lot of one thing.
    We do need to get outside more though.
    And I am excited to start making paper also!

  8. ooooooo! i love the pretty glass jars. what a great idea. and sisterfriend! you've got alot of lovely purple popping up all over your fantastical garden. lovelove love!!

  9. Oh, Rosemarie - I thought you said IN them! :)
    They're little plastic tiles, with a mosaic glue that dries clear. It works for mosaic tiles and wood, plastic, glass, stone... all sorts of materials.

  10. The glass mosaic jars are lovely!

    Happiest earth day wishes to you all.

  11. It is indeed goodly.

    Love the glass tiles on the jars--so, so pretty!

  12. Fantastic glass jars. Yes, it is a goodly life and you are all living it well!


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