Friday, April 08, 2011


Jurassic Park for one,
and Zoo Tycoon (the first edition) for the other.

Tea party invitations.
And planning.

Paper bunting made-
"Mom... I'm making those flag things for decorations for my tea party!

And of course Tea.
With dress-up.
Peach tea.
Frozen strawberry-banana yogurt.

What else?
A movie.

Watercolor art.
We colored with (watercolor) pencils, then set them out in the rain snow.
(Somewhat like this one.)

a collaborative.

Mucho hilarity with today's Peep episode.
And again and again.


Bill Nye. Reptiles!
While building wooden dinosaur skeletons.

Wiiheeheeeee for one
and videos for the other.
Yup - it's been a big day for computers and screens around here. :) Whatever. It's dark and cold and snowy and wet.

I'm not sure what's up for the rest of the night.
Maybe a cup of tea and a super-soft blanket. 'At's about our speed, today.

Tomorrow is Saturday's Artist! Come back for that.


  1. Sweet day!

    Ella saw the picture of Madd and asked if it was her. :-)

  2. We discovered watercolour pencils a few months back - I've never used them before, very cool!

  3. Peep is on every day here - so glad you introduced it to us!

    Our favourite character is Quack, especially the Moon story and the Quackprints - even made their Dad laugh out loud :)

    Screens are good - I some times have a worry that too much time on them is bad...but just as I think I should say some thing they stop playing.

    At the moment the big two are playing "Age of Empires" and loving it.

  4. Oh my, how lovely1 Tea is always lovely! But teemed with art? Even better xox

  5. What an amazing tea party! Looks like an average day around here. Much fun! Love Peep too! Although we're now addicted to Bubble Guppies...


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