Friday, April 15, 2011

friday : pepper sunlight

the sun was shining.
that changes everything. :)

we began with balancing.

soon we were weighing things.

there were other things too-- research and documentaries and JumpStart 1st Grade - but none of those lasted very long.

we lived and loved in the garden for a while.

the hippety-hop was brought to life.

we played badmitton.

and baseball.

and set up a net and played volleyball for about an hour. (the children just learned this today - I think it's going to be a regular.)

a late lunch was eaten outside.
everything is en plein air, today.

climbing and swinging.

marshmallow wars! woot!

complete with stealthy ambushes
and dramatic (and sooooo convincing) death scenes.

but is the flag flyin'?

you know it.


prehistory scenes. you knew that was coming, didn't you?

Maddie made up this one last year.

'nother four rounds of 5-point volleyball.

roasted marshmallows

-before supper.

-barbecue, naturally-

warm fire

and love.

that'll do, don't ya think?


  1. I love Trev's freckles! We actually had to turn on the air conditioner this week...I held out as long as I could.


  2. what a delicious day.

  3. What a fantabulous day!!! My favorite pic is "the boy and his dog" love it!!!

  4. Spring has sprung!! Love all the happiness the outdoors bring :). And how funny you had marshmallow shooters up! I had just mentioned them today too :). Oh how I would love to have that flag flying overhead at our house, I think that would get our neighbors going (hee hee). And I don't think I ever knew you had a St. Bernard! What a beautiful dog!! Have a wonderful weekend Stephanie ;).


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