Monday, April 11, 2011

Aaaaaand one more...

Good grief. We're gettin' down to the nitty gritty, now. Lord help me. :)

Okay. Last one.
When you stand up and tell your Truth, you take certain risks.
You risk that others will shout at you "Liar!" or "Pretender!", (Yours isn't their truth, after all) and you risk that you'll change your mind about it -have a different truth- in your next breath and you take the chance that others will say something nasty or diabolical and leave you flummoxed and embarrassed and fumbling for a minute - until no one is looking anymore and you find your ground again, and can then look up to say, "But, wait..." ...only to find everyone long gone.
And probably even worse--you take the chance that you'll come across as someone who thinks she 'knows it all', and appear critical or dismissive of others Truths.

Know this, friends--I have lived enough and asked enough questions in this life that I would never suppose that there is only one Truth. It is not my goal to reign widely in this world... I only wish to create (and co-create) my own life.

I tell my story openly not because I am proud or flaunting of my mistakes and flaws or because I can so easily dismiss my arrogance, but because to my mind, it just Is. (We'll leave the embarrassment to deal with later.)
It is here, in dissecting my emotions and thoughts and processes that I am most able to navigate my way through life and relate to others. It is from this point that I calibrate.

So. :)
With that in mind.

It is not my position that everyone should choose to live their life - their wild and precious life, as Mary Oliver so beautifully said- the same way that I do.
I can only come from a position of "Oh, it's so hard and confusing sometimes.... but this is what I know for sure."
I know well that some folks my words and thoughts will leave cross-eyed, and for some folks they will not be affecting at all, and for others they will be viewed as heathenish and outrageous.
I'm not asking for acceptance.
I'm only doing what it is that I believe I am meant to do. Creating my life and my Self and my happiness as I feel compelled and inspired to do. (Hopefully since this blog is about my family's life, it is obvious that the well-being and happiness of my husband and children are an integral part of that Being and Becoming.)

I don't think all others should be unschoolers! I don't. I'm curious about what the world might look and feel like if everyone were happy and Shining, but I don't suppose that only my way would make that happen.

The only reason that I put up these thoughts and words up for the microscope is because there are so many things that are so hard to figure out (because hardly anyone mentions them!) and so often we can feel that we don't have the right or the tools or the know-how or the courage or the heart or the temerity or the audacity to simply write our Life for ourselves.
My words and thoughts are not posted to sway anyone to my way of thinking.
They are only to say that Today, in this place, in this moment, in this life, and with these souls... I know certain things for sure.

And if there is one lonely soul out there to whom my words and sentiments make perfect sense and will aid them in setting themselves bravely upon the path to their own Truth, then I am totally willing to wear the embarrassed pink cheeks, and say, "You're certainly welcome."

Love to All.


  1. I just want to say thank you. Many times over, thank you.

  2. Well.... you're certainly welcome. :)

  3. You must certainly know, as I haven't been here, that I am way behind in reading your 26 posts, to be precise, (haven't logged into my reader in what feels like eons) and this is where I started. I'm going to assume this relates to a previous post...and I will get there, to all 26 of them - but just know this: I love your truth. I love that you share it so openly and freely and honestly and without apology. I think even if someone doesn't understand your truth...because it is not their own, I would think they must still recognize that you are 100 percent authentic, real, here and now in a place that makes sense to you. That, to me, is Beautiful. xoxo

  4. 26!! Good grief. I write too much.

  5. I love your words on your blog.

    And I feel like you accept me for who I am, even though I am not an unschooler. I like you for who you are, and you make me feel accepted. Thank you for all of that. :)

  6. But all we can do is live our lives as we need to, the right way for us. That is what is so amazing about this life. And what scares people. But as you said, there isn't only one way, one truth. And things change, we change, our children change. We ebb and flow. And life moves on, day by day. Nobody can tell someone else what or how to do things. But we can live and share our lives. :) And you share so much. xoxo

  7. Your beautiful post went further to laying aside my worries than any amount of research or study ever could. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me find the strength to stick with what I believe is the right path.
    Sam, UK.

  8. Sam - you're certainly welcome. xxoo

  9. Yours is a beautiful path, and I enjoy following along and seeing it through your eyes. The fact that it is different than my path (well, it is different from EVERYONE'S path) is what makes it interesting. Looking through another lens always allows us to see something in a new way, and perhaps challenges us, makes us uncomfortable, and if we open to it, perhaps grow a bit, find compassion.


  10. I love your happy, shining, authentic selves! I love your sharing, your thoughts, your ordinary life magic. Sometimes when I get all caught up in the world and I lose sight of 5 certain people, it is often these writings, right here, that begin their gravitational pull back to what really matters most. I love it all. Keep shouting your truth, I am one of many who really hears it!

  11. Here's the deal. Life can be so overwhelming, complicated and daunting. "How will we change things?" we ask. Luckily we can always fall back on the words from Gandhi--"be the change you wish to see in the world." When it seems to hard to push back, just BE. Whew!

  12. :) No pink cheeks necessary, only the warm feeling of being appreciated... :)

  13. I love your candor, confidence, and honesty. Do you know that your daily moments were an inspiration to starting my own blog a year and a half ago? Please keep the magic going!


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