Wednesday, March 30, 2011


this here is gonna be a MOST fascinating post.

watched pbs.

madd rode around on a stick horse with a cowboy hat on, and made a hat for White Bunny.

i combed out the tangles from trev's hair. (that took a bit, but 'twasn't too bad. always feels so good to have such things done.)

we loaded up and spent the remainder of the day doing errands...

buying $85 worth of candies, and some other lovelies for our spring baskets... which will be given tomorrow.

babes are playing their new games - they chose them and so i couldn't make them wait 'til tomorrow.

new undies for mama and madd. wootwoot!!

i had to choose a new razor 'cause they quit selling my blades. hmmph.

new garden tools, too.

that's about it, and i ain't expectin' much more.
now aren't you glad you came to read this?


  1. lol - yes I am glad I came to read this - slice 'o life posts I call them... good stuff!

  2. I would be pretty happy with new underwear!

  3. Yes, new undies definitely deserve a "woot!"

  4. What is the significance of giving the spring baskets on March 31?

  5. I love reading all your posts, no matter how "ordinary" :).

  6. Proud Mama -
    We always celebrate our spring holiday on the first day of Spring... but March 21 was yet another cold and cloudy and rainy day.
    We do easter egg hunts and a fire celebration, and it just hasn't been nice enough to do that!
    So today's the day. :) Our first nice day, and Eric is off work, so we're having our holiday today!
    Yay Spring!!

  7. I was wondering if I missed when you did the spring baskets. We haven't done ours yet eithe r- it was snowing and I just said no. ;) Maybe this month!

  8. definitely i am glad.

    and i love how flexible you are with the celebrations - i sometimes feel such pressure to meet up with a day and a time and when it doesn't fit the rhythm of where we are or what's happening outside, you just can't force it or it flops miserably...

    happy spring!

  9. har de har...comes to something when you're woo-hooing over new pants.


    And spring baskets sound much more fun than a plain ole egg - what size basket do you use?

  10. I love that you do spring baskets! That is such a wonderful idea. I think we'll start doing this, too. Next week sounds like as good a time as any :-D

  11. I just found your site and I am so happy that I did! Love the Spring baskets idea........except here we are going into Fall! So Fall baskets it is!

  12. Thanks for the explanation. I figured you would celebrate on the solstice, but the later date puzzled me. So glad you had good weather to really enjoy and welcome the change of season


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