Wednesday, March 09, 2011


the children were downstairs for a little wiiheehee time this morning. Trev playing, Madd watching.

Maddie learned to play Nim today.

and we played Mancala.

and with Tangrams.

and Trevy and I played Nim.
it's been a while.

and we played Stixx.
(which is on sale for $6.99 if you've been thinking about getting it.)

and Pixel.

and we were ready for some outside time, so.... bike ride to the skate park?
yup. for a few hours of run and play.

to feeding the birds
and tramp-jumping with dad.

we've ran and climbed and biked and we're all feeling tired enough
and good enough
and filled up enough
and happy enough

that the world feels balanced,
and as if all is right within it.

that will do, then.


  1. It was such a nice warm day today! I'm glad that you got to be out enjoying it. :)

  2. sounds perfect! we had a 'snow day' today, so were inside all cozy. skate park sounds so wonderful. :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day :) Thanks for all the game ideas - we're getting a bit tired of our usual ones - time to shake things up!

  4. Oh how my son longs for the skateboarding park, snow here for us as well LOL Sounds like a lovely day :)


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