Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday : Out

We woke up to a cloudless sky this morning. Imagine.

Aaah. Well, then. We know what to do with that.

But a few things first, while the earth warms up a little.

We make our plans.
Madd reads. (Well, you know. Such as it is.)
Trev plays Spore.
We get ourselves and the Adventure Pack ready....

and Off!

First for a long walk through wetlands under a blue, blue sky.


And later over to that pet store. Again.

To the farm!

Funny enough, though it was a verra pleasant day in the sun,
I'm even more content right here, right now--
lying back lazily on the couch with the evening sun drifting in,
listening to the babes in the other room sharing stories and jokes and advice for each other...

The clouds have drifted in,
and sometime tonight the storm will come in on its trail.

And even though that is surely so,
all is well here.

Til tomorrow, then.


  1. That guinea pig looks just like our Harry. I wish you guys were closer so Trev could love on him more. :)

  2. Beautiful photos!!
    And we have snow coming too..

  3. Melissia - me too.
    And if our children ever convince Eric and I that Annie won't eat the guinea pig, he can host little love parties. :)

  4. I love guinea pigs. I need to get some more. I love their little squeaky noises. :)

    It *was* a gorgeous day, though I was working inside all day. So glad we have lots of windows on days like today.

    It looks like your day was wonderful!

  5. Lovely day. I need some of that here. Hopefully a change of scenery will get me out of the New England doldrums. We woke up to snow covered ground and gray skies......

  6. What a lovely sunshine-y spring-y day!

  7. Oh these pictures are gorgeous, and the text that goes with them is so calming and relaxing...I feel as if I got to go on the wonderful walk with you!

    Stephanie, thanks for stopping by. What a lovely spot you have here!

  8. beautiful day! we have sunshine finally too today, but it is only 21ยบ so the boys laughed when I asked if they wanted to get outside. LAUGHED! ;)

    love the farm photos.

  9. It was good to catch up on your blog. I agree with the comment about gorgeous pictures! The weather was getting better around here, but now it's dropped down to the 30s again. AGGGHHH. It's kinda like when people keep their Christmas lights up too long. Nice during the season, but a little out of place now. Oh, well, we're heading to Nevada and California in less than a week, so here's to sunshine soon!

  10. Great photos. Loved that little bridge you all were crossing. Wish so badly that we had a farm to visit.

  11. I like the idea of getting an adventure pack ready, rather than gathering all of the stuff we are going to need. Funny how a descriptive term can change the energy. In a good way. I think I shall get an adventure pack together and go out into the cloudy day.


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