Wednesday, March 02, 2011

wednesday : awakened


to baked apples. ('tis more of an autumn thing, I know, but we have lots of apples and we love them so.)

sliced apple, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon

to a few precious minutes of sunshine

and to the morning's offerings.

poppies, lemon balm,
peonies, iris, st. john's wort,
bee balm and oregano

awake to music

and awake to the clouds, too.


to favorite pastimes

monster creations

Ameudnathus, Trev calls it, by which he means 'crocodile whale' - it is a decendent of Ambulocetus. :)


and awake to goodliness.

mmmm, like hot chocolate

and goodliness like being so thoroughly smitten and gushingly in love with one's babies.

and experiencing being awake.

awake to color

awake to hankerings

and awake to ideas.

how did you celebrate your wild and precious life today?


  1. impressive crocodile whale!

    we spent the day with friends - swimming and out to lunch and playing....

    where did all your snow go? i am breathing in the green lovliness you shared :)

  2. Love the attack scenes. Very realistic!

    We spent time at the library picking out a load of books and videos. We then headed to the park where the kiddos built mud masterpieces.

  3. wow! you have things growing, no snow! crazy!

    i've missed keeping up here every day. what can ya do. but i'm baaaaaaack.

    lots of livin goin on, love!

  4. I spent most of my day visiting with a friend and her 1 day old baby boy while I missed my own baby (who is 5) whom is spending a few days at Gramma's.

  5. I love everything here... everything... there is a south african word for this and it is "Lekker" ... which actually means candy or sweet... So you would say: That was a really lekker day!!! Lots of lekker love to you guys - enjoy the green!!!

  6. I love the word running through here—awake. Like, senses open, mind open, alert, attuned, alive. So much beauty in that!

    Love the photos. WIsh I could eat one of those pretzels! Don't suppose they could be made gluten free…might have to do a little recipe searching :) And whose Big Dog is that?? I am sure my big dog would love to play.

    I celebrated my wild and precious life with TWO naps, one with cats! Does that fit, at all, with the theme of awake? I think, in its own way, it does :)

  7. So much to delight in here!
    I love the bright and beautiful creative goings on.
    Baked Apples are good for us any time of year too :)

  8. I love seeing that green peeking up outta the dirt! We were marveling at our own greenliness today! :)

  9. Been away from the blog world, happy to see your incredibly full days keep going.

    Our day was bubbles and magnify glasses, Henry and Mudge, piles of kids on slides, salads and cookies, and lots of talk of color.

  10. Awakened, bliss, I love these words. I also love those little buds and that last picture is amazing!

  11. Ahhh the green - both in plant & dinosaur form :)

    You always make me want to jump out of my chair and *do* something... I thank you for that!

    :) xo

  12. i love being awake to color. color is extremely important to me. it makes me feel alive.

  13. "and goodliness like being so thoroughly smitten and gushingly in love with one's babies"--I love that. Yeah, me too.

  14. Oh, goodness! Maddie is sooo tall! When did that happen?
    Love and Kisses.

  15. I love that crocodile's gigantic mouth! Perfect for noshing on unsuspecting herbivores, alas.


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