Friday, March 18, 2011

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I think I have like five drafts of posts for the last week! I was just never interested in finishing them, I guess.
We're good. Life's good.

Much of my days have been spent cleaning. Not out of desperation, not out of "must do", not out of "this has been driving me mad!".... more like a slow, mellow, "Well, I'll just get this here, then..."
Somehow, without any sort of plan or proper procedure, my home is becoming cleansed.
In doing so, spirits seem to feel purified as well. Lovely, that.

In other news... hmmm.

Maddie is loving riding her bike (thanks to our friends for giving us training wheels!). And desperately wanting a bell. ding ding!!

There are about one hundred dinosaurs scattered in scenes all over our front yard. Yup. That's us. (I think having a fence provides one with a sense of privacy, and that we can leave bikes and toys out if we want to.) Soon the flowers will show themselves and the backyard will become solid enough for play, and we'll move them back there. But for now I'm content to have stories taking place all over the front. Happy Children carry more weight with me than a possible lifted eyebrow.)

Maddie has written two books. One a cookbook, and one a book on how cars (and trucks!) are made.

There have been tea parties outside,

animal creations,

and pet research.
We're researching turtles and tortoises at the moment.

There was a birthday party for a Beloved Damek!

Open windows and doors.

Walls and doors are decorated with Maddie's art. She just hangs 'em up wherever she wants them.

There has been whistling and Mozart,

gears and zoomorphs

reading and documentaries.

There have been favorite dinners and favorite breakfasts.

Girl Scout cookie booths,

Love for Grammy,

and clouds and rain have also been a part of our days.

There! Now that that's out of the way,
On To Today!!

I can see little patches of blue sky and the weatherman says near 60 today....
we're spending the day outside!

PS - Tomorrow is Saturday's Artist, and we'll be able to put in picture links, now! Be ready for that, if you'd like to play.

We'll see you tonight.


  1. It's so lovely to see the grass and children playing contentedly in the fresh air. We still have quite a bit of snow here yet so I will bask in the joy of your spring until ours decides to arrive.

    As always, thanks for sharing :)


  2. What a week you all have been having. I love seeing other's busy-ness!


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