Saturday, March 19, 2011


Since discovering a new wet-on-wet technique for watercolors, I've -we!- been playing and testing.

Maddie and I paint with watercolors often, and even wet-on-wet... but our usual technique is to wet the page, and to then carry on.
This new (to us) technique is to draw your shapes and objects and then with clear water, paint inside the object,
and then drop in color, letting it stray and flow within the "wet" bounds.

It's a lovely, flowing way to paint and discover.

This morning the lovely SuzyQ put in a super yummy fish out of clay into Saturday's Artist. When I saw their creations, I knew the clay would be perfect for our turtles.... we'd make them out of clay instead of paper, using our new water color technique!

We just drew our turtles (I mine, Maddie hers), and then cut out the paper,

and traced the shapes onto flattened bits of clay.

When our turtle shapes and edges were pretty enough for us,

we wet the clay with water,

then dropped on our paints onto them.

When we were satisfied with our colors, we added salt.

And then a tiny hole for hanging.



They're fantastic! :)

Prob'ly only cause I love turtles so much.
Like frogs.
And sunshine.
And open windows.
Damn, life's good, ain't it?

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  1. Both your turtles and Suzy's fish are lovely. Makes me want to do it too!

  2. This is on our list now for the coming days. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Those are really pretty. They remind me of sand dollars.

  4. Oh, I love the turtles!
    They have so much character.
    The salt idea is so clever, we'll be trying that one next time I think.

  5. LOVE these! xo

  6. I LOVE turtles. And crafting. So this is simply and wonderfully BRILLIANT!

  7. Hi, can you tell me what this clay is? I bought some clay for my son, (it was colored) and it doesn't seen to dry.

  8. Hi Amy.
    Modeling clays don't dry (that's the beauty of them! :) .but this one is Crayola's natural air dry clay. Comes in a white tub, with a green and yellow label.


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