Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I was so excited to show Trev and Maddie a game... Kodu! (It's a free game lab made by microsoft... thanks so much to lovely Tara for the mention.)

We checked it out, and Trev seems to like it... but since he couldn't create any actual creatures (from scratch)... soon Spore Galactic was in the machine. :) Spore's good.
So love Spore.

Maddie made a picture album.

And watched favorite pbs shows....

Trev continued to create his Spore captains,
and then Play.

Mama took a gratitude walk through the gardens.

and later...

Sunshine!! Oh, for the first time in months, it seems...
So... off on a neighborhood walk.
To look for Spring.

.... so sighs the Mama.

Girl Scouts

Narrating prehistory tales. (Spore again.) See? Spore's awesome.

It was decided that we'd head Out -again- when we picked up Madd from Scouts...

to a new pet store,

and off for some more Spring.

We came home well after dark, at bedtime.
It's been a looong time since we last played outside 'til bedtime.

dear friends,
is very, very sweet.

That will do.


  1. It looks like you found some Spring...

  2. Spore is a hit here too!

    You found Spring in some amazing and beautiful places :)

  3. It appears that Spring has found you. We will check spore out - sounds like fun. You remind me too that I miss our saint. It has been a year. Still not sure we are ready for another dog.

  4. Oh, you're so far ahead of us in the green area! So pretty.

  5. ooohhhhh! Sounds like a perfect Spring day! We are in Autumn and the leaves are falling and wilting :-( Although still beautiful in its own way. Hugs xox (LOVE that picture with the dog!)

  6. Howdy!!! it's been awhile since I've stopped by! Busy here as usuall-so wonderful!
    OT, I was wondering...I love the layout of your blog now, with tabs separating the different facets of your blog....HOW did you get this set -up?!?!/ I would love to do this!!!!!
    Take care!


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