Wednesday, March 09, 2011

tuesday, then

it's funny how when you stop acknowledging and appreciating life's magic it quickly quits showing itself to you.
certainly the benefit of writing every day is that the spell of enchantment stays strong.
and it doesn't even matter if it appears so to others - the point is to savor and appreciate one's life and loves for one's own sake. this is one of the Things I Know For Sure.

like blossoms

i've been pondering and considering goodly things the last few days.

simple things.

like breathing deeply.

walking barefoot on clean floors. (always barefoot.)

and potions from the blender with spinach and mango.

things that make beautiful noise;

wooden building blocks

and Mozart.

feeling strong while exercising.

feeling hope while discovering chamomile leaves
and the emerging hellebore.

feeling competent and brave for making sourdough starter.

loving pretty things like crepes and raspberries for breakfast.

considering dreams of "The Wild, Wild West", says she, and being a cowgirl.

loving warm, fuzzy things like portraits of furry family members,

and shiny things like making levers (all on one's own).

these are my moments.

fancy and important to none but me,

but I rejoice
that they are important and wondrous things to me.


  1. Such gorgeousness. And yep - it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because it is YOUR life...and it is fantastic. xoxo

  2. All NEATO! and Sourdough too!

  3. Beautiful.

    I've taken to writing down one or two things each day, just for myself - to look back on and remember someday, perhaps. Usually things the kids have done, sometimes just things that happen. I've found that when I want to write them down I look for them, and when I look for them they most certainly show themselves. :)

  4. Having a beautiful house like that in the photos would certainly make me rejoice!

    I never can get to grips with that 'living in the moment' lark though I do aspire to it. I spend most of my time planning to be somewhere else doing something else - anything other than what I'm doing at that moment! Busy busy head!

  5. Inspiring, beautifully said and illustrated. Thanks for the reminder, too!

  6. I'm afraid that our floors are never exactly perfectly clean enough for me to take pleasure in walking barefoot on them.

    Wooden blocks, however, and breathing deeply, and exercising?


  7. Seeing the world through your eyes is a gift indeed ~ thanks for sharing this magic today.

  8. I love your phone cord. It reminds me of my childhood. I remind myself it is all a matter of perspective - luckily I get to chose mine and see the magic

  9. How your words about moments resonate with me.


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