Tuesday, March 01, 2011

tuesday bliss

Madeleine has made a vending machine.
a working vending machine. out of a cardboard box.
her daddy says "she's so cool." : )

she made a charm to hypnotize.

and there was beading

and baby love (changing diapers and all that).

roller-skating in the kitchen. with a fancy Tea hat.

next she made a snow globe.
the idea, the implementation, and the making of it was all hers.

"Mom, I need the seeds. I wanna plant green beans." Rummages in the drawer...
"Hold up, Babe. Do you really want to plant them? So they'll grow?"
"Where are you planning to plant them?"
"Under the swing."
"Well, they won't grow there, the soil is too sandy-"
"And they won't grow under our feet?"
"Right We'll put them in pots, and you can start some seeds today, indoors, if you like.
"But you''re gonna have to wait a minute, I'm trying to finish up this project..." :)
and so it goes.

scootin' outside.

"Mom. I found a pipe for my go-cart."
:) she's been needing an axle....
we thought it would work, but as it turns out it's too big around to fit the wheels, so the search continues...

Trevy lectures Madd on Dr. Seuss.
with stories.


dog love.

sharing icecream = sibling love.

there was music,

a nap for Mama,

and research on krakens, dragons, and Hercules.

a few dinos passed by our house today, evidently. They left huuuuge chalky footprints.

the sun shone brightly, and there was much outside play and imagining.

the babies are back in the den investigating on their computers while mama lies on the couch with a wretched headache-
but daddy his expected home any minute,

and it's been a beautiful and wonder-full day.

i'm so thankful for this blessed life.
tomorrow, then.


  1. Sounds like such a great day. I love those busy flowy days. Hope your head feels better soon :-)

  2. Lots of fun stuff! Reminds me, we need to make sure we have green bean seeds ourselves as Damek mentioned last year that he wanted to grow them. Loves eating them raw:)

  3. what an ordinarily magical day!

  4. Feel better, mama! It is no fun feeling bad.

  5. I hope your headache went away quickly, Stephanie!

    I'd love to see a picture of Maddie's vending machine. (And her snow globe!) I love all her projects. Love the journeys she takes herself, and you, on. Love her easy togetherness with Trev. All of it, magic.


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