Friday, March 18, 2011

'tis Friday

Roller skates

... all things en roller skates for several hours today....

We worked on Trevy's mountain,

and read books.
We're reading the Brand New Readers. Love them so. Loved them with Trev, and love them still with Madd.

We had grand plans today.... sourdough bread. A pie. A trip to the park.
Instead, we all turned up cold and wanting to hunker down, so after that realization things slowed down considerably. Which is sayin' somethin', because we weren't moving verra quickly in the first place.

So the day went lazy,

and looked like lots of painting,

and computer play,

and reading.

Dinosaurs on the grass,

bike rides in the drive,

Ratatouille on the pc.

And so it continues on, still--
Scootin' in the drive,
readin' on the couch,
games on the computer.

I'm quite happy with our doings of late, and I have no qualms about being sleepy at 7:32 and snuggling in for the night.
So that's that. Sans guilt.
Goodnight, Sirrah.


  1. I think it looks like a perfectly lovely day. Love those watercolors!

  2. The watercolour paintings are just so beautiful!
    I love how you capture the gentle rhythums of your days.

  3. I love that tree with pink blossoms!


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