Thursday, March 10, 2011

thursday : en plein air

you know it.

the day began with blue skies for my eyes and heart.

though the weatherman promised clouds and wind at any minute, it didn't matter to me. I was determined to get every last dropful of it into my being.

when i went outside (first thing this morning, of course), i found green, green grass

and an unfrozen pond. in the morning! my pond wasn't frozen!

Maddie noticed something spectacular was happening, too,

and after getting her sunglasses and a giant hat, she headed for the pot of bubbles.

and then to the trampoline for a zoo create.
(complete with sidewalks, pens, and a parking lot.)

"Why don't you go wash that, and then go see what green things you can find?"

"Will you wash it for me?"
"Why can't you wash it?"
"Because I don't want to be stuck inside! I want to be out here in the sunshine!!"

all the windows were open by eleven o'clock.

awake; en plein air

lunch; en plein air

home; en plein air

even a few minutes of computer play, as windows and doors are wide, wide open...

"Can I help?"
"Of course!"

soon enough...
skate park??


four hours, today...

with dad
and to clean sheets
and a warm dinner.

jump on the tramp
(with surprising energy and vigor--must be that springtime air...)

and finally
and art
and computer play.

quite right.
'night, then.


  1. What a day! What gorgeous weather. Send a little my way, will ya? xoxo

  2. Oh Oh Oh... yay for you!

    I am so happy for you all. Enjoy!

  3. I keep telling myself it is coming, it is coming. Thanks for proving to me that spring will come. I long to have my windows open and breath the salty air. My body actually aches for it. Looks like a fantastic day!

  4. If it weren't for the fact that my kids are still enjoying the ski season, I would be very envious of your gorgeous weather. Nonetheless, I await our spring very impatiently!!!

  5. Love the picture of the front door open. Yum.

    Hey, Steph, I am looking for a video you posted a long time ago. It was taken at a homeschooling conference and had a man in front of a table filled up with games and he was explaining how you could use games to introduce math concepts to your kids. I can't find it on your blog. Do you know which one I'm talking about and where I can find it? Thanks a bunch!

  6. I sure do... I use that page all the time for a reference ('specially when I'm shopping)... it's here.

  7. I look at a post like this and I see just why your blog is called {Ordinary Life Magic}
    Magic and wonder sparkle both in word and picture here!

  8. Oh I am loving your great outdoors!!! The outdoors - indoors!!! I am so happy for you... nothing like a good day where you are tired because of all the fresh air!!! Have a happy weekend!!!

  9. Bring on springtime and wide open doors!

  10. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait for things to really start blooming here.


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