Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday. At 8175 feet.

What a day.
It goes like that sometimes.

"Madd... I wanna make a tutorial for those flower bracelets... wanna help me? They're so cool!"
So we worked on that.

"Trev," says his Mama, while Maddie and Daddy were getting ready to head up the mountain, "are you sure you don't wanna go skiing? We'll probably have fun if we go with them...."

Eventually (before it was time to head out the door) he said yes.

So we got our visitor Stanley all ready for a trip mountainside, too.

Getting ready to go skiing is often a slow and meandering process, with time-warp grueling moments moving backwards, but after the initial first few minutes of chaos and sticking gloves and pinching goggles and skiwampus boots and getting ready (and getting gear at the ski shop)...

It was magic.
Sheer magic.

As in - Trev comes all the way down the mountain all by himself. Without falling. Without cursing. Without getting hurt.
And as soon as he gets down, he's heading -independently- onto the ski lift completely by himself with his dad nowhere even in sight.


And so it went.

Run after run after run.
Sans breaks,
sans curses and complaints,
snow and mountain magic.

I'm soooo happy for them!
What an amazing thing, getting to witness your child's empowerment.

On the way home we showed Stanley where the mountain goats play this time of year,

and then once home we were all for supper

and quiet, restful play.

Certainly, that will do.


  1. It has been soooo long since we've been skiing - living on the great plains will do that I suppose...but we still need to go...

    ...I love that Stanley got some skis too...

  2. I think we need to find some snow.

  3. We have never been skiing with the kids. I have never been skiing period. (Been to the lodge and had myself a grand old time, but never on skis!)
    I had the same feeling, though, watching my kids master swimming. SO empowering, and so so cool to watch.

  4. How wonderful! I love Flat Stanley's skis. The kids were so excited to see him.

  5. Wow, What a wonderful, brilliant, awesome day!!! I bet everyone will be sleeping well after that!!!

  6. I'm not entirely sure of my reasoning, but this post made me cry a few happy tears. What a beautiful and magical day! And I love the slogan on the truck!

  7. GORGEOUS! i skiied a lot as a kid and my girls have never stepped on a ski....i remember how it felt to feel competent and free on the slopes! lovely!!!

  8. Stanley rocks! He is so lucky to spend time with you all!

  9. I kinda wish I could mail myself to your house!


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