Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunday : home

Madd was watching Electric Company this morning. It was about beatboxing.
Soon she and I had all of our instruments up from downstairs, and were having a rhythm jam session.

Naturally, "things from downstairs" evolved, and soon we had a whole slew of things ready for our immediate discover-ful future.

Inside Ned's Head.



The Future is Wild - Trev always loves the future species books at the Museum of Ancient Life, today he and his Dad have been watching videos on youtube.

Equinox discussion.

Cuisenaire rods.

Conscious discussion. As in "I think I need a conscious. What is a conscious? Is that like Jiminy Cricket or the angel and devil sitting on your shoulder?"

Fraction Whirl.
"I love this game!" says He.

Can't beat that.
Fraction Whirl is a card game... At first glance it doesn't seem a very powerful learning tool, somewhat superficial and obvious. Not too engaging.
There are two sets of cards; one deck has pictures in the corners, depicting the fraction in different forms; bar graph, dots, pie chart, and numerical. There are twelve different groups of fractions. (48 cards).
The other set (set B) has all numerical fractions, depicting different denominators of the same value; 4/8, 2/4, 1/2, 3/6.

You choose a deck to play with, then as quickly as possible, the dealer deals four cards each, then when ready, he/she picks up the top card of the remaining cards, and discards it or quickly adds it to his hand (as needed), passing the cards onto the other player(s). The person who has his full set (4 cards) is the winner, and hurries and picks up a chip before anyone else can grab one. The person with the most chips (3 out of 5 games, respectively) wins the game.
It seems too simple, at first glance, as all sets have the base fraction in the middle of the card.
But - and I know this well - the value is still there, because we all pick up things at surprising times, and as our brains process information differently and as it will, I am still quite alright with my son "loving!" this game. :)
So I'll say that it gets a thumb's up from his Mama, too.
The game also comes with score cards and a slider for matching fractions, so I daresay you could play the game (games) as you wish.

More Plants vs. Zombies. He finished the demo the other day, now he's on the free trial of the full version, awaiting for his own copy of full version...

Popcorn and movie...

I dunno what else comes this way today,
but I really need to skedaddle and fix us our dinner.

We're good.
Home's good.
Life's good.

'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. Home is *always* good!

    We're going through a Kapla block (like your citiblocks) phase here - such towers! Such crashes! Such fun!

    Love the buds - so hopeful! Any month now... lol

  2. Fraction Whirl is going on the wish list. I like games that have straightforward rules and that Owen can pick up quickly because if it is too challenging out of the gate he may give up on it - especially when it involves math concepts.

    Your grass is bright green - wowza!!

  3. The fact that he loves playing around with fractions is amazing! Very nice!


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