Saturday, March 05, 2011

friday : springing

there aren't any daffodils, yet.

no tullips, or green grass, or even hyacinths.

the violets haven't changed their ways and bravely announced I Am.

but, still...

the earth is thawing.

the absolute rigidity of the frozen world has had its time,
and it is now bowing, with grace,

to life.

our world is still filled with grays, and browns, and long-faded golds,

but what we can't see with our eyes we can create with our hands,

and we can listen to Awakening with our ears and hearts.

we aren't dancing and spinning yet, certainly,
and we have another two months, surely, of transition.

but, still.

though Spring isn't here,
she is rousing with a great, lusty yawn,

and should be seen coming up the path

any minute, now.


  1. We're still buried in snow. Frozen. I can't be jealous of you because I like you too much, but I sure can hope to see some real ground soon!

    Enjoy it for both of us :)

  2. soooo jealous. we still have a solid month of winter your posts will remind me that spring will come, surely, even to Canada :)

  3. Stirring words, beautifully composed and filled with the hope of Spring.... :)

  4. Gorgeous post. Frozen and snow covered here too although every now and then something makes me Feel spring. Perhaps it's the buds on a tree...or the smell of earth thawing or, like today, warmer temps and a lot of rain (which has now been covered by snow). Still...I see glimpses of what's to come and it makes me so happy.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. They give my heart such joy. xo

  5. Just reading this makes me so happy :-) It is coming and I can feel it in my bones !!!


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