Saturday, March 05, 2011

saturday's artist

our part of the world is just beginning to wake up,


and this week, in our way, I suppose we're trying to hurry that waking along.

beaded bowl

so much of our (my family's) time and experiences are based upon the world -and earth- around us...

nature egg

resting, going within, celebrating, waking, creating, discovering....

and our hearts and hopes right now definitely belong to light and outdoors and color.

we celebrate our Spring holiday in just over two weeks, at the Equinox,

sugar eggs

so we're decorating and creating in anticipation of that -- knowing that once our toes can be outdoors without shoes and being frozen,

Flat Stanleys

we'll probably have constant contact with the earth for many months.

who has time for crafting, then?

Maddie's vending machine

unless it involves bubbles and sidewalk chalk, garden gates and seeds, or a puddle and a teaspoon.

so for now we're the artists,

and we're creating our Spring.

just until She would like to take over.

* * *

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  1. Come on over to Chez Nous and see our latest art projects.

  2. I love this, Stephanie. Love the idea of Spring, coming, coming, and you all finding the sun. I love all the things your kids made. Love the vending machine!! Love the dinosaurs (so graphic!). Love the fluttering butterflies. Yum and more yum.

    Our days are cooling—yesterday I wore a jacket, yes I really did! It's so strange to think I'll be reading about you all wandering barefoot into Summer as Winter comes and finds us. But I'll follow your sunny days, and already I know they'll bring beauty and warmth. Thank you, Stephanie, for now, and for the future too :)

  3. Love your flutterby's and your cheerful flowers, and that you're bringing spring to you :-)

    We've had a little sun, but I need lots more, and some warmth. Too cold, too gloomy, so I'm going to have to make some cheerful flowers too.

  4. Oh, I love love love that flutterbies in the sky photo, and all the lovely things you all create. Hope Spring comes your way soon. I saw a single bluebonnet yesterday, so spring is definitely here.

  5. Love it! It looks so warm and wonderful where you are. And magical of course. We are anxiously awaiting barefoot days as well...

  6. it's so hard to wait for spring. sigh.


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