Sunday, March 06, 2011


Saturday morning I had put my thoughts of creating away, and my head was full of many other things... cleaning, mainly, as I'm sure you can imagine.

"Mom." this was Trev. "Where's that clay that we're hydrating? I need to make something."

And then a little while later, "Mom. What paints can I use for this?"

"Mom!" hollers Maddie, "I'm gonna build with these toothpicks and marshmallows!"

"I wanna paint, too!"

Got out the marbles, since the biocolor paints were already out.

"Mom... I was wondering if you could get me a really sharp knife so I can saw a stick in half."
And then saw more off of it. And then more.

"Mom! I need more blood for my scenes! Could you make me some? What's the recipe, again?"

"Mom... I'm writing a poem."

"Mom... can I do these letters here?"

"I'm making a new doll house. One that I can build and make myself."

And there it went.


  1. Lovely, busy day - that's how my days go, which is my excuse for the state of the house ;-)
    It's nice to be needed!
    Love the dinosaur.

  2. This sounds and looks exactly like my life!!! Mam... is the most used word in our house!!! Love those clay creations - totally!!!

  3. I can relate to all this!!!
    But when they are so enthusiastic...well how can you not indulge ;)
    I love the marble paintings :)

  4. heh heh heh...
    and while a clean house offers a certain amount of sanity, a dirty house usually indicates a larger amount of WOW...


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