Saturday, March 19, 2011

saturday sparkles

Started out the day making sourdough bread.
:) !

I really had no idea if it would turn out alright... or not. Pretzels? No problem. Anything else?

Welp--you just never know.

Madd got up in the interim, and we started on her pie.

My boys.


We've had soooo many pet discussions around here lately. My children want to live in a zoo.
There are a few determents in the way.
Such as:
Zoo and Aviary require at least age 12 for volunteer services.
the Daddy is allergic to cats.
and -
Mama believes All Living Things Should Be Free.


oh, there are a few other things, too, like...
I don't think Salt Lake County allows Wilburs as pets. I'd so do it. [snort] Babe? Wilbur? Henry? I'm all for pink spikey, spindly, snorty Love.
And we do (organic!) compost. He'd be well-ly fed.
I would love a Bunny! But would what about Annabelle? Would she eat it? Certainly she would a guinea pig.

So today we've been thinking, and are considering a Pet Love business for Trev... for folks in the neighborhood that are feeling guilty about not having enough time/love/energy for their pets... Trev will come and play fetch, pet, talk to, love on, whistle at, admire, lecture, watch the tellie with... whatever it is that your pet needs. For you. For a small fee. For twenty minutes or so. However often you like.
Honestly, the boy would gladly do it for free, but we can't have folks taking advantage.
I'm not sure about the particulars... his Mama has to know that Trev is safe, and we can't have folks thinking we're really out to fleece or burgle them.... so we'll see.
But we're thinking.
We also have an animal hospital in the neighborhood, so hopefully this week we can walk up there and see if they would accept any volunteers...

'Puter play.
Headphones are fine things, don't you think?
(note to self: Easter basket.)

Library run!

  • Junie B. Jones
  • The Golden Compass
  • Ramona the Brave
  • James Herriot's Animal Stories
  • Inkheart
  • Raold Dahl Audio Collection (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Enormous Crocodile, and The Magic Finger)
That should do it.
Well - ' soon as Anne of Green Gables and The Wind in the Willows arrive for pick-up.

Daddy chaos/love/rasslin'/airplane/whatever-it-is-that-they-do Love.
And then he's off to work.

Mama catch up,
Baby side-by-side pc play.

An' some of the Other.


Sourdough cheesy bread

(from scratch, naturally)
and pizza...

with Mary Poppins.
Chim-chim-ney, chim-chim-ney, chim chim, cheroo...


complete with live dancin' and singin'.

Signing off, then...
(and it's an ever-so-sweet life.)


  1. Just in case there was any doubt left, it is now and I are soul mates. We used to have a St Bernard. We both dig watching birds of prey do their thing. AND, before we got these dogs, I researched getting a pig for a pet. Yup, I dig piggies, too!

    Your day sounds great! Life is good ;-)

  2. Ah, we love the Burt and the penguins dance...happens around here nearly every time someone is mid-changing clothes(pants around the knees sort of thing). BOOKS! Have you listened to Dragon Rider (Funke - who wrote Inkheart)? we loved that one so much; it is really really well-read by Brandon Frazier, who knocks out some fantastic accents. Eliza listens to Anne quite often, and we get Roald Dahl for our long car trips, by the end of which I am on my knees grateful for that man's imagination and desire to share it with us. I would love to hear about Inkheart - if it's scary, if Maddie listens to it - just don't know much about it. Oh, and pets...have you thought about a rat? just the idea of pet-loving. E. would love that...

  3. oh my that bread looks good...... i've been having some trouble with my bread lately....weird crusts.

    what would one, cuddly pink piggie hurt? surely you could hide it when the pet police came around....:)

  4. Stephanie, you had my kids DROOLING over those sourdough pics! And cheesy sourdough, no less. We must get to baking! My girl's on a wheat-free diet for now (forever?) so I'll have to bake her her very own somehow-as-fine gluten free loaf. Hopefully it can compare!

    I love your Pet Love business idea…I love the wondering and wandering of your thoughts. :) My girl is waiting patiently to volunteer at the RSPCA; she wants to be the "cat carer." We have some time to wait! It's beautiful to think how much Trev wants to love and care for animals. I hope it works out, someway somehow.

    Another sweet day in the OLM house! Thank you for sharing it, Stephanie.

  5. I love your side-by-side 'puters.

    One day I believe we will have to do this in our 'schoolroom.'

    Benjamin asks for his own computer all the time but I still think he's too young--there is just no easy peasy, *safe* search engine. And I've discovered parental controls are too constricting. Ho hum. :(

  6. Will, who has read just about everything else under the sun, LOATHES Roald Dahl. She says he's creepy, which she is but she adores the Spiderwick books which I think are there you go.

    Will's also attending a daycamp this summer at our local Humane Association. The kiddos learn about the animals and how to take care of them, and then they get to help with the dogwalking and feeding and whatever, or more likely the kind supervisors will let them think that they're helping. She's getting quite excited already.


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