Thursday, March 17, 2011



and again
and again.

and more
and more.

so good...
so good.

we'll fill you in on the rest of Life tomorrow.


  1. I'm sitting in the middle of a pile of papers I'm supposed to be sorting through, procrastinating by farting around on the Internet (and paying bills as well, but mostly farting around) and being incredibly jealous of your beautifully clean home... :)

  2. I just love to have a good look around peoples house, its so interesting! Yours looks so clean, you must have been working hard! I do love to see a nice clean house even if it doesnt ever last long! Where did the big human body poster come from? It looks fab!
    You seem to get a lot of lght in your house too, it does make a huge difference, its been so gloomy here this past week, I am just hoping the sunshine arrives soon!

  3. You did an awesome job, it looks like one of those lovely, glossy magazine spreads on gorgeous homes. How on earth did you stop the kids (and possibly husband) from following behind you and undoing it? LOL That is where I give in :)

  4. More of the same over here... cleaning and sorting and scrubbing and finally the results are showing and it is lovely!!! Love your beautiful home!!!

  5. WOW! The whole house clean at the same time? WHat a feeling, I'm guessing!

  6. I always hit the scrub scrub spring in April when it gets into the 50s and 60s and sunshine comes and things start to grow. Then I feel late or behind and frantically go because the boys would rather be outside. ;)

    I really wish we had a family room/play room kind of spot in our house. We took a master BR for a place to put some 'stuff' and games, but it is upstairs the the boys never go ... never go upstairs alone! So bins are in our living room and dining room, so no matter how 'clean' it all is, there is still stuff. :)

    Looks fantastic! YOu have been busy!

  7. Wow, I just want to move in!

  8. you have been very busy. i love the feeling of a tidy, clean home. Friday is my day off and i spend the morning cleaning and tidying, pottering around making it all lovely. I then enjoy it for a few hours, with a cup of tea and peace and quiet, before the family returns and it becomes "Lived in" again! xx

  9. Sparkly! Lovely to see around your home. I'm totally envious of all that wonderful light pouring in through your windows. And I'd love to know what a totally clean house feels like again ;-)


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