Monday, March 28, 2011

monday, in early spring

oh, my. over the last month i've absolutely gotten out of the rhythm of writing every day!
that doesn't matter to anyone but me, but it does matter to me, so i'm determined to strum and hum along again.

it is 9:59 in the morning, and i have no idea where this day shall go.
but this seems like a good spot for pausing for a moment to contemplate magic and learning and seeking joy, doesn't it?
so let's begin.

mmm, we've made strawberry cupcakes this morning. we haven't made them in a while, and they've been on mine and maddie's list for a couple of weeks, now. we get our recipe here.

madd watched Bambi.

her mama added new solution to our dwindling pot of bubbles.



after a trip downstairs to find something interesting, we came up with a box....

and so chemistry play.
salt, vinegar, colors, baking soda, goldenrod paper, ammonia, milk, cold and hot water, pipettes, funnels, corn starch, pie pan, test tubes, distilled water, mad scientist goggles...

"It's gonna blow!!!" Shouted the children as they ran for cover.

Madd sped the colouring of the milk along by experimenting
with blowing upon the surface.

Acid, definitely. Upon goldenrod paper.

"What does 'acids and bases' mean?"
Let's go to chem4kids, shall we?


and computer game play...
online super smash brothers brawl for trevy
and plants vs. zombies for madd.

and our good friend Bill Nye over toast.
and after toast.

(The Elements)

love that book!

and during pattern making.

DinoRun with Cousin.

love you Megan. you can't move to Maine.
but logging in was really petty damned funny....
"Use a 'u', Mom."
What?, I think. Fine. ''TrevUlyn.
"Use 'U', Mom!"
"Mom!! Use a U!"
oohhhh. 'derby' is spelled, in kid language -of course!- with a 'u'. silly mama. 'dinodUrby'.
:) sheesh. rolls eyes.

while Cousin Love was going on...
"Mom... will you play Super Mario Brothers with me?"

readin' a numbers book.
because he found it. and was curious.

"Mom. So thin... like this.... means it isn't stable. An thick... means it is stable." This was Maddie.
"Well.... it depends. Some things, like metal, can be thin, and very stable."
"But... like, ice... if it is thiiiiiis thin, it isn't stable..."
"Right. Thin ice is unstable. Correct."
hmmm. more chemistry. think you?

daddy gets back from skiin'--we're totally going with next time. we gave him this one for himself.
"Hey.... ready to go to the park, to fly kites?" We ask while he's unloading his gear.
Whaaaa?, he's thinkin', but we inerrupt with, "Or swimming? Or bowling?"
Bowling it is!

physics and geometry. and just our style.
totally. that will do.

to home,
to home.

to hot baths and quiet computer time, as we choose.
and art. can't forget that.

and now the babies are playin' quiet and friendly-like and the mama and daddy are heading to bed for a documentary.

it's a damned fine life, friends.
and that will do.


  1. Such a wonderful day. I love when interests intersect and diverge throughout the day.

  2. Oh I got stuck on your elements - awesome!!! It looks just brilliant!!!

  3. looks like lots of fun and learning was ad. i think its great to follow the childrens intrests and go with the flow!!
    I really need to get more science kit!!


  4. Your days always seem filled to the brim with fun. And activity. And, of course, OLM.

    I have to say it... M looks like a big kid. When did that happen?

  5. Awesome stuff! But the thing that got me the most was how Maddie is looking so BIG! When did that happen? Now I want to make some strawberry cupcakes, Mmmmmmm......

  6. Definitely a good day! And what motivation to get moving today!! It's going to be a balmy 60F and sunny, so I'm thinking we'll play in the garden and work on gardening today. Yay for playing with worms!

  7. What a great science day!

  8. Such an action packed fun-filled day! The cupcakes look yummy :)

    I have *no* rhythm with my blogging - and for now, that's ok. It's feeling more like a "should" rather than a "want to" - always a good time to step back and reassess.

    Then again, it could be that the fact that I haven't seen my lawn since November is having a negative impact on me... lol

    Enjoy these wonderful days, and thanks for sharing them - you give me hope!

  9. We just made vegan chocolate cupcakes this morning! Our big conundrum is that the girlies always want to elaborately frost the cupcakes, then always want to eat all the cupcakes before they're cool enough to frost, then want to make more cupcakes so that they can frost some, and then they eat those, too!

  10. Ha ha! HRM and I are sharing wave lengths again. Woot!

  11. Always so good to pop over to see you here. I always appreciate what you share of your days. All the OLM - infectious and very, very special.

  12. Kim -
    Ha! I totally thought "were they on the phone together???" :)

  13. So much loveliness! I believe you all may do more in a day than we do in a week here.

  14. oh my gosh was that the most absolutely packed day ever!? i think that is a WEEK of our life. :) or more.

    your two not so wee anymore kids are looking BIG!!


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