Saturday, March 12, 2011

friday : goodly things

Don't you love that goodliness comes in so many different shapes and sizes?

being awakened in the morning by a chickadee because you slept with your window open.

and not turning your furnace on for two days.

...Things like your nine-year-old using (correctly) the word 'anthropomorphic'.
And your five-year-old 'odious'.

the first violets

Something like seeing the pantry and refrigerator looking bare (and clean)... not in a sad sort of way, but knowing that you've utilized your larder well, and everything was used up in a timely and healthy manner.
And then, of course, there's the goodliness of stocking it up again!

There's the kind that feels like even though it's a cloudy day in earliest Spring... you're still surprisingly warm enough.

snowdrop - the first one i've ever met!

There's "Look what I made!" when they've come up with something entirely new all by themselves.

And silly string.

There's impromptu walks to the neighborhood park.


Huck Finn style.

And springly surpises while venturing.

with Maddie.

spotting our world's first dandelion.


There are so, so very many wonderful and brave things in the world.

I look to them all,
and and am so grateful that they show themselves to me.


  1. The snowdrop and violets took my breath away! So much goodness bursting forth to enjoy :)

  2. I can't believe how warm and green it looks there. It really looks like spring. It still looks like winter here. :(

  3. Blessed to have eyes and heart open to wonders large and small. :)

  4. We have snow here, but I am so looking forward to goodly spring-like days like this.

  5. How I love all those photos...but that last one is AWESOME. xoxo

  6. A lovely tribute to spring!

  7. I happen to really like dandelions, but still too much snow and cold for any here yet.
    And I love bare feet tree-climbers :)

  8. That snowdrop is amazing. I've never ever seen one, and it looks like it came in from Magic Land. (You know, the land you see all the time, Stephanie, 'cos you're so beautifully tuned in!)

    Thank you for these photos. And I love that your kids used those fine words. I do love words so much, especially the unusual ones!

    Love the Spring feeling in your words and pics, the feeling that you're coming out of the cosy earth yourself, Stephanie, just looking about and smiling. Beautiful. :)

  9. I am a new fan of the snowdrop. I have never seen one, and I think I love it a little bit a lot.
    Spring is awesome and so welcomed!

  10. FLOWERS!:!: I think you are a month ahead of us. :) Beautiful sunshine, color, flowers, spring, kids!

  11. Slept with your window open? Do you sense the jealousy through my typed words? I can hardly wait, and enjoy coming here so I can remember it *will* come. I love the "climb" on a tree is the only way to be. :)

  12. Beautiful post! Love all the photographs, especially that last one:)

  13. I so love the snowdrop~and all of the other goodliness!

  14. Oh that snowdrop! And I must create some good of my own and clean the fridge, thanks for the reminder!

  15. YAY bare feet!!!!!! and something about that word odious...i've been hearing that around here too! though the current favorite is "minion". hmmmm....


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