Thursday, March 10, 2011

a feast

the grass has turned green.

in one day!

i can see giant patches of blue, blue sky this morning.

i shall spend my moments gulping

and gasping,

taking armful after armful

and bucket after bucket

of this goodliness into my soul--


for as long as it is offered.

oh, thank You!


  1. WOW! It's really starting to BE Spring there...Enjoy!

  2. It is the complete opposite here. BUT...I'm trying to "enjoy" it the best I can. It means lots of indoor time with Isaac...doing inside projects. Soon we will be knee deep in gardening -which I love, but which is a lot of work, and so I am content to be here, where I am.

    But it sure looks GORGEOUS where you are. xoxo

  3. Wow... that last snow didn't last long, did it? So happy to see your grass. We are officially snow free at this point, too. Hopefully until next year.

  4. We've had sun in/ sun out moments all week this week.

    I don't mind it as long as we're prepared, which means constantly having a bunch of coats and blankets on standby in the boot of the car.

    Hopefully they will soon be replaced by buckets and spades and all things beachy!

  5. lovely! I hope to soon have bare feet in green grass!

  6. YAY!!!!!!! ours keeps toying with us, even a dusting of snow this morning, but the daffodils are resilient and the buds just keep day it will be here to stay, just not quite yet! enjoy!

  7. We welcomed the green grass this weekend & the clear blue skies & the willy nilly so-in-love birdies.

    More warm temps are coming this week...yea!


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