Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wednesday : on a sigh

making cleaners.mmmm. :) and the recipes here if you're interested.

blossoms shedding husks into a pitcher of tea cooling on the patio!

hat making.

scope making.

pancake making.
all by himself again.

maddie masters cutting a very long and very straight line.

(quite proud of herself was she. "Mama! Look at this! Guess which one I cut?")

skatin'. with ski goggles and skate helmet.


dino play.
(computer and movies)

love hands in dough.
mine, theirs... doesn't matter.

a visit on the phone with Papa and cousin Jakub.

Madd finished her spring basket.

roll and twist (pretzel yumminess).



math animals.

turtle races (between two turtles).

Draw and Write
much time doing this today.

i dunno what else.
it's been a beautiful, slow, meandering sort of day.
as always, i'll take it, and say Good Enough.

'night, then.


  1. Love it! It looks like you had an awesome day!

  2. Looks great! :)

    BTW, do you have a special recipe for your pretzels? They look delish!

  3. Yes! Those are wonderful looking pretzels.


  4. yum yum petzels. i like the springy colors of your birdhouses!!

  5. So, I thought perhaps that I was the only one thinking "I sure wish I knew how to make those pretzels" but clearly I am not alone.

  6. Oh Pretzels, how I love Thee. Must make more this weekend.

    Birdhouses...must get ours out to decorate. I knew there was something I was missing.

    Trev's pancakes are making my mouth water. Yummy! xo

  7. that is great day- very creative and inspirational

  8. Can you please ask your son to teach me to make pancakes? 33 years old and I cannot make them!

    Your day = awesome. I love the bird houses. We made some last autumn and so far they've been inspected by two sets of great tits, and we are hoping so much that one of them makes it their nest site. We've even started to hang up nest material as an added incentive.


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