Tuesday, February 01, 2011

january last

We began our day by opening up The Princess Bride. (We had planned to begin it the other day but life got away from us. It happens a lot around here.) It's one of my favorite stories, and I think my children will love it. For those of you who haven't read it, it's just like the movie! Danger! True Love! Giants! Battles! Poison! Heroes! Death! :)

Checked on our bowls.

Maddie made a beautiful picture, which I shall be framing.

Because she made it just for me.

Trev spent much of the early part of his day between his Godzilla scenes and his computer.

And we played Math Animals.

And The Allowance Game.

I asked if it was cool if we started George Washington, and it was, so we read the intro and first chapter, and Trev wanted to keep going, so we read the next one, too.

While we were reading George, I realized that we needed to put him on the timeline, so when we were done, I did so. And we put on Rosa Park's quiet stand, as well as Martin Luther King Jr.... and the four of us.

Love Rumis.

There was wresting with Dad

and patching up toys (again/still)

and the rest of the day just sort of did what it wanted to do.

We discussed genetics and ethics and the ways of the world for a goodly amount of our afternoon.

We didn't quite get to Lewis & Clark (our thoughts went here after George Washington), or building cities with blocks... maybe today? Oh, and Maddie's cupcakes. And a trip to the library...

We'll see how today goes!
All is well here.


  1. Oooh, Lewis and Clark is one of my favs. I read a really cool book once just about the medical treatment during their expedition. Fun stuff.

    Cute heart bowl :-)

  2. Wow, that is an amazing timeline... very inspiring :)

    Love the heart bowls :)

  3. I love your timeline. I haven't found a straight wall here to use. It is also a rental home, so we are a bit limited. Fantastic idea!

  4. Love the Princess Bride. Must put that on the list. Also love the timeline. Such a cool idea.

  5. How great is that timeline?! What a lovely idea.

  6. Nic is a Princess Bride lover and we finally convinced Ella to watch it with us recently. She loved it too, of course. :-)

    I must get Rumis, I keep looking at it and wishing it wasn't so darn expensive!

  7. Math Animals looks good, and Rumis is on my wishlist - boy, it's getting long now! ;-)

  8. Stephanie I get soooo many ideas from you. We ordered Rumis and love it!!! I want to be able to order and give you credit for it, are you connected with amazon? Seriously, myself alone I could be clicking on your site all day :).

  9. MJ - I'm glad I put up some interesting things! :)
    We have an amazon store in the sidebar - some of our favorites are in there. I add to it as things occur to me.

  10. Oh, how I DO love that li'l vase of flowers. I would frame it, too!


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