Saturday, February 05, 2011

two days : inspired

I wasn't necessarily uninspired, but now my head is swimming with all sorts of wonderful, delicious things that I want to get started on right away. Not in a hurry!, hurry! way, much, more like in an "eat it all up in great big gulps" sort of way.

Dawn asked if we were interested in hosting their Flat Stanley.
To which of course I said "Yes!"
I then showed my children some of the project, and asked them if they were interested in making and sending and playing with a (or each their own) Flat Stanley. "Yes." again. So we've checked out Flat Stanley from the library, and will get started on making ours, if the children are interested (double-checking, don't you know). Maybe today? Trev may not be interested in the "doll" aspect so much, but I think the travelling and learning things about the world stuff will interest him. And I figure we can put little dots up on a national geographic map of where Stan has been.
(And if my children do decide this is something they like, we'll be begging you to host our Stanley, my lovely bloggy friends who live all over the world. Maybe we'll do some sort of Flat Stanley link-up or something.)

Lots of trips to the library. 'Seems like either Eric or I have gone every day, lately. Lots of stuff on hold, lots of goodliness.
  • L is for LollyGag (Tara mentioned this close to a year ago on her blog.) For my logophile, Trevelyn
  • Time for Kids : Big Book of Why
  • The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas. again. Love this. I just need to buy it.
  • Bridges : Amazing Structures to Design, Build, and Test
  • Even More Children's Miscellany : Smart, Silly, and Strange Information That's Essential To Know
  • Poetry For Young People by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems (This one comes from SuzyQ - thanks so much.)
  • Dinosaurs Eye To Eye
  • Does It Really Take Seven Years To Digest Gum and Other Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask (it's on our list for Trev - he loves these sorts of nonfiction books. My friend Julie recently reminded me of the book - and mentioned a few others. Thank you, Julie!)
  • The Usborne Book of Science Experiments
  • Look-Alikes Christmas (a seeking, observing book)
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (this one comes from Brianna)
  • Mermaid Cookbook by Barbara Beery
  • Pink Princess Cupcakes by Barbara Beery
  • Skyscrapers : Super Structures to Design and Build (I mentioned this one the other day, but Trev is fascinated with skyscrapers, so I'm putting it here again)
  • Amazing Africa Projects You Can Build Yourself
What else?

Music. Music has been a big part of our days.

When she isn't drawing and painting, these last couple of days, Maddie is creating music

and dancing

and giving concerts

and doing theater.

And she plays here.

Weaving. I'm craving textures at the moment. (Which accounts for all the clay, as well.)
I'm certain it's because we're on the other side of winter, and I'm feeling cut off from the earth. I noticed it this time last year, too - I needed to take off my gloves when outside and touch things. I needed to be stripped of the layers, and lie skin to earth.
I want to weave baskets in streams of sunlight (that one is credited to Suzy, too) and I want to make potholders and I want to weave with with my children with cloth and raffia and feathers and corded paper and jute. While listening to poetry and stories and beautiful music.

We picked up a doll form not too long ago and have decided that her time has come. Maddie gave her life just yesterday.

After contemplation over the last while, we have decided that the perfect hair for her is our own dyed and spun wool. We don't have enough, so we'll be spinning often over the next few days, I think. Maybe while listening to poetry and stories and beautiful music, hmm?

Penny T's.
Because they make my son laugh and smile.


I'm further inspired by the Sparklifying of our home.
It's that Harmony thing, you know. I like things swaying and singing beautifully. Have to match the outer surroundings with the inner intentions.

And now it's time to move on to all that Goodliness.
All is well here.
And right
and beautiful.


  1. Our family has enjoyed the Flat Stanley books. We made Stanleys a few years ago, but would love to join in again. Also, it looks like a great book list. I was an Usborne consultant for a bit and I love their books. I am lucky to have quite a few and they are huge hits with the kiddos.

  2. Ooh, goody. A lovely, long book list. I will have to have a good rummage in our local libraries.

    My first primrose opened today. I'm sending spring stirrings your way :-)

  3. We're sort of in the middle of Flat Stanley, too! The girls were interested for a while, so we read the book, but they lost interest before the actual making of Flat Stanley, so I set the project aside. It's still on my homeschool to-do list, though, because I think that if I can encourage the girls through the creation of their flat avatars, they will LOVE sending them all around.


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