Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I started clay tiles for a near-future dazzling art project.
So excited!

Madd made two more bowls while the clay was out and on the table... the one she made a couple of days ago cracked while it was drying. hmmph.

We played "Hey Mom... guess what this is!"

"A Stegosaurus, of course." I was right.

Two chapters of The Princess Bride were read to the children. I cried. :)

There was research today.

And painting.

And a looong game of Earthopoly. (Trev's choice.)


Silly putty making.

And Math Animals. (Also Trev's choice.)

Madd played too, for a while.

We also stayed around the livingroom's table for a game of Rumis,

and then a couple rounds of Mancala.

It's verra cold out there (hovering just around zero) , but Mama Nature is generous, and she is bestowing upon us Sunshine to keep our hearts light.

For me today had a little bit of an "interim" feeling - movies in the mail, books piling up for us at the library, tiles to dry, bowls to set, cupcakes to get made - but of course there is no such thing as "living in between" for the children.
For them all is Now and Good and the Present, and that is as it should be.

ItalicCertainly all is well and fine here.


  1. Your days are so lovely and smooth. I just love all the resources you share. I can't wait to see the tiles project.
    I was wondering if you and the kiddos would like to host a Flat Stanley? The details are on my blog~two post down.

  2. The clay looks so pretty and smooth. I can't wait to see how the tile project goes.

  3. We played with clay today too! A perfect activity for such a cold day! Your tiles look fun...can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. Love that flower bowl! Been thinking about making bowls as well.

    Kyan and I have been playing Mancala again recently as well:)

  5. I've never heard of earthopoly (where have I been!?)

    It looks like a really good game. I had a look on Amazon and what do you know - there's an Ocean-opoly, bug-opoly and garden-opoly too.


  6. I can't wait to see how your tiles turn out! I love the idea of things in progress, brewing, piling up, things waiting and things simmering. Yum.

    We just started our pottery class and it made us SO happy! I love sitting and making and being still in the moment of simply doing. I think of you guys doing the same, doing simply, loving it, and you sharing it all with us. Lucky, lucky us :)

  7. Love Princess Bride. It has been sitting on my nightstand for a long time, waiting for little ears willing to listen....we've been in the realm of picture books/non-fiction for the 3- and 7-yr.old respectively, but it'll come around :)

  8. Love the tiles, and the stegosaurus :-) And we must make silly putty, thanks for the reminder.


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