Thursday, February 10, 2011

tuesday and wednesday

some days i'm just tired and want to load up a days worth of pictures and call it good. :)

and sometimes the pictures tell the whole story... but sometimes it doesn't.

tuesday was... sporadic. lots of interesting projects started. kind of chaotic, maybe.

oh, let's see. where was the beginning?....

maybe the market...

madd set up a market in the kitchen.

she had a waist apron.
and foods, of course.
everything was free, this day. i told her i'd be glad to pay, but she said no.

she started making a deli sign.

the idea went from its place being on the wall, to on strings, stapled to the ceiling. (like one of those blackboards that sandwich delis have? hung on chains?) i steered the sign back to the wall. taped.

and there were other projects, too.

Maddie is mastering drawing.

i took a loooong time to research and peruse through games to order...
(it takes a long time to research that stuff, as you know...)

and we worked on Daleelah's hair. (If her name is still Daleelah. I'm not sure how it's spelled. Probably something like 'Tmxddms'.)

there was this

and this

... so excited to show you about these.

and there was girl scouts - and the making of things and the planting of things.

wednesday was more of the same - with the finishing of the projects, this time.

we finished Daleelah's hair, and she's been washed.

the market was open, again.
this time with real food.

there was skating.

and ogre hair made.

and much dinosaur play.
i think it's safe to say that dinosaurs are back in their full glory around here.
they're on all sorts of surfaces, and hanging from clifftops.

this one's Maddie.

Trev is looking forward to buying the full version of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis from cnet on Friday. (remember that it's near a hundred bucks on amazon.) psh.

we played games.

Big Brain Academy.

The Allowance Game.

Interesting that most of Trev's math skills have come from The Allowance Game. He is his own banker, and has been for quite a while. "You owe 60cents for a library fine, and lose a turn."
"You get $2.50 for mowing the lawn." He's really pretty fast at finding and making the correct change.
Not bad for a kid who doesn't do worksheets, and never has. I mean - we know this is how it's most easily (and pleasantly) learned, but still... it's nice to see skills solidified without drudgery and utter boredom. (and he would be bored and tormented if he were being conventionally "taught", no question about that.)


oh - and let's not forget to say that if you'd like to be entered in the drawing for our game give-away, go over here and put your name in.

jumping on the tramp. (Dad cleared off the snow in the early a.m. so it would be dry by the time he got home from work. he's a good daddy.)

the games were ordered!
Pixel, Sudoku, Bohnanza, and Stixx.

I dunno what else.
running and chasing.
make believe.

life is moving.
and all is well.


  1. Trev is a smart boy.
    I am very curious about your yellow molded things.
    I see you did make the clay tangrams.

  2. You sure had a busy couple of days. Jealous about the trampoline jumping, even if we had one, it would be buried! I may have to get one this year. Thanks for all of the game ideas!!

  3. Games are just way more fun to learn math from than stinkin' worksheets ~ my boy won't touch them either.

    Love the list of games to check out!

  4. Such fun filled days! My son is like your Trev - school would bore him to tears. He learns so many amazing things just from living a full life. WTG, mama!

  5. What a busy and fun filled day! What are those yellow egg things?

  6. I'm anxious to see what the egg-shaped sugary looking thingys are, too?!?!

  7. Now! This is more like how I blog ;-) Except you have lots of lovely photos to help your brain. That's where I fall down!

    Love the stop/go sign, and the shop (no staples!). And I thought you were making tangram biscuits - yummy. :D


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