Friday, February 18, 2011


after greeting a world of Snow,

maddie and I started our day with some creating.

sharing ideas ideas and words...

soon trevy was up, and doing some creating of his own - by way of juice and other yummy things tossed into the blender. his first time completely by himself! i think he has a new interest.

ours was a meandering sort of day.

we learned to play Pixel, and had a go with that for a while.

then we played Stixx again.

there was a Mancala tournament -

trevy won.

there was some love created for grammie

and some other things, too.

Sudoku for mama.

we tidied up

and ate snow

and froze snowballs.

we watched Magic School Bus episodes

and researched things

and loved Venus and Mr. Tentacles.

trev decorated his tans, and we got those finished.

nothing extraordinary, but these sorts of days are good in-between days.
the in-between is where the Still can be easily found, and 'tis a good place to stop and look around, to quietly gather thoughts and ideas.

on to the next part, then...


Tomorrow is Saturday's Artist - join us and share your favorite creative project of the week!

And today is the last day for the Game Give-away! We're having the drawing for that in a few hours - make sure to enter if you haven't yet!


  1. Fun! I've got to get that wooden Sudoku board...

  2. Love the pot of beads. Flat Stanely is on his way.

  3. Thanks for sharing your love of Mancala. Got my DD2 a set for Christmas and we were up and playing straight away - such an easy but addictive game. Thank you.

  4. Such a great post. those in-between days are sooo important...especially if they are in the midst of busy full days. We had a very similar day this week and I am utterly grateful. Can't wait to see Saturday's Artist again!

  5. just now learning about saturday's artist. i'm sad to say that i don't have any photos of art from this week. :(

  6. The Suduko game looks intriguing. Do you like it? Looks like a grand day to me! My son also wants a venus fly-trap. Must head to the nursery.


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