Thursday, February 10, 2011

thursday : saturated

Isn't that just a delicious word?
mmmm. especially when used in reference to ideas and creativity and tromping through a day.

"Mom, I want to go outside, and collect nature things for my case. Treasures. Is that okay?"

More of this.

(It's a mystery, still.)

With all non-instruments.


While listening to Mozart.
And Maddie was formally introduced to Mama's very favorite - Beethoven's Egmont Overture.

Which prompted ballet.

In concert.

Mama-made paint.
For splattering.


* * *


More music.

A looong round of pretend play.
Cafe' style.

"Where is that light coming from?" asked Madeleine.
I had already noticed it.... for the first time, today.
"It's the sun. The sun returns."

I just can't ask for anything more.


  1. Would you mind sharing your paint recipe? I *love* what masterpieces they created - such create texture, and colour, and story.

  2. I don't mind at all, Mar...
    I just used probably about 1/3 cup of flour to a cup of water, then whisked it. (I started with 1/4, but it was much too thin. After that I just added flour until I got the thickness that I wanted.)
    Then I separated it into cups, and added several drops - probably more like a squirt - of food coloring into each small container.

    I love the way they turned out, too. I thought it was so pretty on the paper! :)

  3. Thanks so much! I think I know what we'll do tomorrow :)

  4. SLC looks like spring. Oh how I want spring. 7ft of snow out my front door and -30C isn't cutting it anymore. :)

    LOVE the paint, and the music (big music fans, we are) and dolly's hair and the sun. Pure Bliss! xo

  5. Saturated is a lovely word and an excellent description of your day. The sun broke through here today as well, and we were I love how the paint decorated Maddie's hair, and Mozart, and the art, and well, everything.

  6. What fantastic pictures of a lovely sunny day. I love the painting outside (very sensible too, lol!) and thanks for sharing the recipe for making it, what a simple yet effective idea. We love listening to classical music, but I have to confess to being more of a Mozart fan. Although that said, this is a particularly nice bit of Beethoven! Lets keep our fingers crossed for some more sun, it really does lift the soul!

  7. Is that green grass... is that out doors!!! Is that still smatterings of snow... how cold is that!!! But warmer than it's been!!! It is so good to see you outdoors spattering paints!!! Love it!!!

  8. Bare ground! How exciting :) 6ft of snow and minus temps here. At least the last two days have been sunny - progress!

  9. What a busy day!

    I love reading your blog—my children are still very small but here I see what I have to look forward to. :)

  10. wonderful! so much fun pictured here!


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