Sunday, February 27, 2011

the soul of sunday

what's the soul of your sunday?

a space for moments,
or entire days of Shine.


  1. Unfortunately the soul of our Sunday is tired, sick and whinny. Hate days like these but sometimes they just happen.
    Loved the pic!

  2. Yeah, I know, two days in a row! must be all the energy leftover now that the wee beasties are gone!!! glad things are poking up their heads in your part of the world...

  3. Yay! Green among the ice... but green nonetheless! :)

  4. You have beautiful, green things poking through the soil already?! Lucky girl! We are still snow covered out here (with a fresh coating today even). We are waiting with arms wide open for the blessed arrival of spring! Send some our way, please! :)


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