Friday, February 11, 2011

Saturday's Artist

Welcome to our first gathering!

I'm so excited to read about and visit other folks who are shining their creativity!

Since this is our first week, and since there was relatively no notice that there was going to be an opportunity to share here, we'll leave this first week's links open to not just something that was created this past week, but can be any Create! on your blog that you love.

Just this once. :)

Now. Let's get on with it. Show us where you've been shining your artistic, magnificent light.

(If you'd like to post a link so your readers might find out more about Saturday's Artist,
we would all love to share with them.)


  1. I love love love that photo :-)

  2. I know you do.
    I remembered that when I had to go and do a search for that post last year, and I thought exactly that... "Jean loved that photo."


  3. That is a REALLY fun lovely photo! Magical, even...
    I couldn't help but revisit an oldie but goodie from one of our create!ive moments :)

  4. I love this idea. I just decided to do post at the end of the week to recap what we have done (because I am not very good at daily blogging).

    Thanks for letting me add my link!

  5. I love your photo too.

    I didn't go digging in the archives - sure fire way to get lost down memory lane for a couple of hours!

    I've linked up with a new bit o' love.

    This is *such* a great idea!

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to share. I love everyone's ideas. So inspiring.

  7. the photo is great! Thanks for the fun:)

  8. Great idea and I love the photo :-)

  9. fun, fun! just wanted to tell you that i love that header! ;) off to explore the other links...

  10. I love the photo too, Stephanie. SO EXACTLY RIGHT!

    I've put in an oldie too, but it's one of my favourite posts. Because it's us, all the way through.

    Can't wait for next week's Saturday's artist! And I'm loving all the links—so inspiring :). Thank you again, Stephanie. I love this community, love the sharing, love the energy. Yum.

  11. It was really fun looking through all the links.

    So many cool ideas, so little time :)


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